‘Memba Dem? (The Boys)

Posted: September 25, 2008 in Our Expression, Remember

From Wikipedia~

“As the 90s progressed, the members of the group moved to the Western African state of Gambia, where they set up a recording studio. Learning the native tongue, the group began to develop a new sound and became known as The Suns of Light. The group continues to produce music and release albums on a regular basis.

Hakim, who wrote and produced “Mama Africa,” on Akon’s Konvicted album will be out with a new album later this year, as well as his younger brothers Tahj and Bilal. Hakim is a producer on the upcoming New Kids On The Block album.” (source)

This is what they have been up to.

From cdbaby.com

In 1988 there burst onto the music scene a child group of four African American brothers who enchanted the world with their youthful charm, singing and dancing abilities, and back flips (acrobatics). They were known as Motown recording artist “The Boys”. They enjoyed multi-platinum success, world wide recognition, and honors. The Boys recorded three albums with Motown and then suddenly vanished. Over the years their fans wondered what happened to them. Unknown to many, around 1993 The Boys decided to retreat from the lime light and work behind the scenes as writers and producers. After experiencing fame, fortune, and material success at a young age they began to wonder if there was anything more to life than chasing girls, money, and surface pleasures. As a result of their hearts yearning, they crossed paths with guides and teachers that revealed to them the path of self realization, and mystic enlightenment. The further they traveled upon the path of spirit, the further the distance became between them and their obligations with the music industry. After twelve years of concentrated study and practice within the cocoon of self transformation they emerged as “The Suns” (Suns of Light) with a catalog consisting of eleven “Suns” albums. Their new name refers to the radiant light they perceived within through meditation, which is the source of all life, love, and wisdom. The Suns, whose music once reflected the enchantment of boyish youth, and puppy-love, now expresses the blessing of budding wisdom, and coming of age. They have a universal sound incorporating elements of soul, hip-hop, roots reggae, and mbalax (Traditional West African music), blended with sweet melodies, and a universoul message for All. (click here to hear samples off of their album “Millennium Music”)


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