He Already Has Your Vote In The Bag. What More Do You Want?

Posted: September 22, 2008 in Just "Why?"

Obama Not Funding Black Community Turnout
By Ron Walters – NNPA Columnist

While all of us are understandably proud of the showing that Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) is making this presidential election, I continue to also point out the cost. Symbolic of this is that while the National Baptist Convention was meeting in Cincinnati recently, Barack was in Akron giving a major education speech just 52 miles up the road.

And although he sent Michelle Obama to the convention, she delivered a largely pedestrian speech urging Blacks to get out and vote that was – again – silent about how Barack would address the pressing questions at the heart of the Black community.

Earlier on, I noted that Radio One recently had a $7 million deficit for the first quarter of this year and wondered how it is that a Black-owned radio empire could run a deficit in the middle of a presidential campaign if it was receiving the add revenue from the campaigns that it has in the past.

The Obama Campaign raised $66 million in the month of August, yet although it has announced a vigorous voter registration drive for the Black community, it doesn’t seem to have taken funding the Black civic culture into account. (more…)

If Obama does win this election, there is going to be a long line of folks like this looking for a hook up (and I’m not talking about lobbyists).


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