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Posted: September 22, 2008 in admin

My partnership with Global Grind is the other thing that has been in the works for the past month or so (I hinted on this some time ago, but wanted to stay mum until things became more solidified). Here is a press release that came out this time last year describing what Global Grind is all about:

Global Grind Launches the Premier Online Destination for the Global Hip-Hop Community

Accel Partners and Hip-Hop Leader and Entrepreneur Russell Simmons Provide Funding

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Global Grind ( today announced the launch of the ultimate online destination for the hip-hop community. Global Grind is a unique combination of community and content, bringing users’ information and content relevant to their specific interests.

Global Grind is a next generation start page solution that gives users the ability to aggregate content, wrap community around that content, utilize a proprietary relevance engine that “bubbles up” relevant content based on the activity of the users, and have access to curators who engage and challenge users by promoting blogs, video, music, podcasts, photos, specialist news, MSM news feeds, widgets, and a mix of original and sourced editorial. Global Grind provides a rich and dynamic integration that is poised to be the online cultural epicenter for this generation as it promises to deliver “your web filtered fresh.”

“The hip-hop market is large and diverse – there are more than 24 million people in the U.S. who self-identify with hip-hop and collectively they have spending power of more than $500 billion. Yet, to date, there has been no single online resource for this community that allows them to connect to the depth and breadth of the culture. Global Grind will allow users to pull all the things they see and do online into one place and share it with their peers,” said Navarrow Wright, president and CEO, Global Grind. “With the launch of Global Grind, we are solving and delivering a unified online experience that speaks to this powerful demographic by delivering the freshest content.”

A free service, Global Grind users have the ability to:

* Create personalized pages;
* Select pre-built content tabs from the Global Grind gallery;
* Promote the personalized pages to friends;
* Import content from other sites;
* Browse and read news and information pulled from more than 1,000+ sources covering music, gossip, entertainment, politics, sports, news, lifestyle and videos;

Global Grind has received funding from Accel Partners, a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm, and Russell Simmons, hip-hop leader and entrepreneur who has raised the profile of hip-hop in every facet of business and media.

“The Global Grind team showed me a vision and inspired me to work for them,” said Simmons. “My entire life has been about promoting the best talent and important causes, and I was amazed at how Global Grind was building an online destination to do just this and was using technology in a really innovative way. It was the easiest investment decision I’ve ever made.”

“Accel Partners was immediately attracted to Global Grind’s focus, its leadership team and the fact that this generation was in need of a place to hang out and get what they need and want most – access to everything important to them,” said Jim Breyer, partner at Accel Partners and board member of several companies such as Facebook, Marvel Entertainment, and Wal-Mart Stores.

About Global Grind

Global Grind delivers “Your Web Filtered Fresh” as the online epicenter for the hip-hop community. Global Grind provides the web’s most rich and dynamic integration of all content formats of interest to the hip-hop community and brings the web to users all on one page with unique features to discover new content and network in innovative ways. The company is headquartered in New York City and is privately held. For more information, please visit

This site ( along with a few others are among the first inductees into the Global Grind Network. I thank the folks behind GG for considering this website.

As far as what you may notice here in the near future–GG will place ads around the site (I think somewhere near the top). Another thing that might change is that I may have to (again) switch hosting companies sometime in the near future. The domain ( will remain the same of course. Other than that, another great milestone for

If you go to GG now, you will see that they highlighted two of my recent commentaries on the front page. Thanks, guys 🙂 !

  1. Roni says:

    Congrats to you! Another milestone and many more to come!

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