Dirty Politics And The Wall Of Silence

Posted: September 12, 2008 in Commentary, Politics, Science & Research

Here’s a documentary I came across yesterday on Youtube.

We Will Not Be Silenced is a documentary that covers the widespread voter fraud that took place during the Democratic Presidential Primary in caucus states.

Like most folks, I initially dismissed all the noise about disgruntled Hillary supporters as simply a case of sour grapes. But after watching this documentary and checking out the website and a few other sources online, I’m starting to believe that there is more to this issue than a bunch of angry women who just could not get their way.

This documentary features men, women both young and old and different races who gave account after account of how they were forced out of the caucus process simply because they were voting for Hillary Clinton.

The one story in this documentary that made me very angry came from an elderly Black woman. According to her, she and other elderly Black folks were told at the door (by two younger Black men) that if they were not voting for Obama, not to bother entering into the caucus meeting. It really upset her because here you had these older Black folks who fought for the right to vote only to have that right taken away from them- both from their own and by their own party.

Another thing that makes me angry about all of this is how this trend of voter fraud is largely being ignored, not by just the media, but our very own Black-owned media and blogs. There is only ONE reason why this is largely being ignored: It doesn’t fit the narrative. Not too long ago I was talking with an Obama supporter about the widespread voter fraud that had been taking place in places like Alabama for decades in mostly poor, Black counties. This individual immediately thought I was referring to Republicans. But when I told them it was Democrats doing it, I saw a growing rage quickly turn into quiet somberness.

Back in 2000, rumors about White men with clipboards and limousines turning folks away from the polls and other baseless threats rushed through e-mail boxes and websites in seconds. Why? Because the rumor fit the narrative. Voter fraud committed by Democrats against poor Blacks? Let’s find the one negro in Alaska Sarah Palin may have offended (Heck, even a very dark-skinned Eskimo will do).

As a non-Democrat, I do not support Barack Obama neither would I have supported Hillary Clinton’s run for President. Some of you may interpret this post as a dig against a party I do not support. I’ll leave that conclusion up you. For me, this is about justice. Just as I dispise hearing about voter fraud committed by Republicans (as discussed in my recent interview with the D.A. of Perry County, AL, Michael Jackson), I hate it just as much coming from Democrats. And while Republicans and conservatives are pressed to acknowledge their “sin” in this area, there seems to be no urgency to acknowledge the plank in the eye of the Democratic party on this very same issue.

Now the typical response to a post like this is one of three: #1– Play the whole thing down, #2– Lean on relativism by either pointing to Republicans or questionable tactics committed by the Clinton campaign (keep in mind that by comparing this situation to the faults of others, you have just relinquished any moral high ground for the side you defend), #3– Ignore it.

Over the next few weeks, I do plan on talking with more folks on this issue (hopefully, I can score some interviews as well). If the information continues to pan out similarly to what has been revealed in this documentary, I will no longer consider an Obama Presidency as a highlight in Black history. Denying people their right to vote spits in the face of every Black person who march for that very same right in the first place.


The other videos for this documentary can be found here.

Lynette Long got this whole thing covered.

  1. politicalseason says:


    I’ll look forward to hearing more about what you are calling voter fraud and what I would call disenfranchisement. I consider active disenfranchisement campaigns to be a species of evil. I also think Democratic practice in this area pales in comparison to that of Republicans and I’ll be interested in the comparison of this stuff as practiced by both sides.

  2. Give it a rest says:


    Politics = Power!

    We are talking about power here right and who will have it! I know many people hate to fight and get aggressive about the things they really care about and they only lose out because of that.

    Politics are DIRTY! It is not a nice situation but in all reality it is the NORM throughout the world. The dirty and the underhanded tactics are all part and parcel of the game. Those that can’t handle it lose out and those that understand that it is normal and must be dealt with manage to succeed.

    In just about everything we do in life that is worth a damn Folks are going to be cunning and cleaver and seek out an advantage however they can.

    The truth that we all must deal with is; those that take the low road manage to win more times than those that choose to hold their head up and get the crap beat out of them in the political arena.

    One of the biggest criticisms of so-called liberals is that they seek to deny human nature and speak of a world the “should” be and refuse to acknowledge the “real world”.

    Over the past 18 years I have watch the GOP play very mean-spirited hardball against the Dems. They have been enormously successful. All the crying about things not being fair or just have fallen on deaf ears. Today I guess the Dems are waking up and understanding that the other sides is playing to win at whatever the cost. If you do not hit hard you will only get knocked down!

    I have many conservative views BUT I can NOT support the GOP platform in any way. Just because I do not totally agree with the Dems I will not join in with a party that DOES NOT respect me or my hertiage.

    So What if the dems are able to hold the GOP to the fire because of there past (and VERY RECENT) racist behavior.
    It is not a lie and it is where the GOP is vulnerable.

    After 8 years of seeing this country highjacked by a small group of people that do NOT have the counrty’s interest at heart I too am ready to play the game the “hard” way if necessary. I watched the Dems basically sit back in 2000 with their thumbs up their a$$es as the GOP ran away with that election which was mostly likely won with voter fraud.

    Incidently I have worked on a few campaigns before and they were never totally fair! Whether it was about pulling down signs and removing flyers from cars to replace with your own or suing your opponent for whatever reason, that was just the way the game was played.

  3. Duane says:

    Sorry, but comparing pulled up signs and removing flyers cannot be compared denying folks their right to vote. If it can be called out with Republicans, it can also be called when Democrats do it. If a person cannot be straight up over that fact, they do nothing but enable the system they spend years complaining about. When the rights of poor and elderly Blacks are denied by other Blacks, you may call it “power”, I call it “self-hatred”.

  4. avery says:

    I have many conservative views BUT I can NOT support the GOP platform in any way. Just because I do not totally agree with the Dems I will not join in with a party that DOES NOT respect me or my hertiage.

    Young. I actually started drafting this in a post a few days ago. We riiiiight >< there!

  5. Duane says:

    Isn’t the right to vote part of your heritage?

  6. avery says:

    course it is. and truth be told, i vote more out of a sense of duty to the elders than for any other reason. actually, that’s the only reason i vote. national politics are all jive and game. local is different, because the politician is somebody you can see and talk to. i think they’re more likely to be sincere at the local level, though. once you get past that, too may stakeholders with too many disparate interests get involved. jive, meet game. at that point, i’m out. except my grandparents couldn’t vote when they were my age. so i do it for them.

  7. Sharon says:

    My question is why is this comming out now 6 weeks before the election there is something very wrong with this

  8. Sharon says:

    I heard about voter fraud but going on all over the country during the primary there strange actions going on now where some african americans have found all of a sudden they cannot vote in November after voting for years this going on in the mid atlantic as I said before something is very wrong

  9. Sharon says:

    What bothers me is the republicans were telling democrats to vote for Obama Rush Limbaugh hes getting a big laugh and the media knew this how this man was trying to stop Hillary and you know what it worked I voted for Hillary but I will say this Im behind Obama for I want to see a democrat back in the white house it not about the fact that im black and he is also we need to get back on track as I type this look at wall street banks are failing we need to turn our country around before its too late

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