London Considers “Black Schools”

Posted: September 9, 2008 in Our children, World

Call For “Black Schools”

A controversial race relations campaigner has called for the creation of “black schools” to “stem the avalanche of educational failure and the descent into violent gang culture”.

Lee Jasper, who advised former London Mayor Ken Livingstone on equalities, said it was time the black community ran its own schools, with black teachers and black governors.

He said black schools and colleges could prove to be a “beacon of excellence” for the black community.

Mr Jasper said Jewish, Muslim and Hindu communities already had their own schools. And he accused the “liberal community” of dismissing the idea of black schools, while failing to address “institutional racism” within education.

The comments come after a study suggested that black Caribbean students are less likely to be entered for higher-tier science and maths exams because of low teacher expectations.

The study, conducted by Dr Steve Strand at Warwick University, noted that black Caribbean pupils are among those more likely to be excluded from school, or have special educational needs, including behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.

Mr Jasper said: “The fact is, it’s time the black community ran its own schools, devised a curriculum that suited the needs of our children, employed teachers that look like the young people they are teaching.” (more…)

Hey Jasper! Go for it. But just keep in mind that the communities you mentioned are known for their strong family structure. Black faces behind the teacher’s desk alone does not push a child to do better in school. I know I have said this many times before, but I’ll keep saying it.


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