Beating Up Black Folks Or Telling The Truth?

Posted: September 4, 2008 in Question

I am going to be out for a good part of the day, but I wanted to post this 10 minute clip for you before I left.

Folks typically do not like being placed in a box when faced with such choices. But interestingly enough, we waste no time labeling something when we disagree with the messenger on any level.

Either way, WHOA!

  1. Wizz says:

    I ain’t mad at her… I’m tired too. I can’t say it anywhere near as good as her so I won’t even try to expand on it.

  2. Peg says:

    Wow. I must admit I couldn’t get through the whole thing; quit a little over 6 minutes.

    And I must admit I was amazed…. Can it possibly be true that black businesses deliver repeatedly bad service? If it is really true – why? I find it difficult to believe.

    My area (Twin Cities) really has a small black population – excepting recent Somali immigrants. So, I do not often come into contact with black businesses.

    But – I’ve had some friends for almost all my adult life who are extremely well educated, talented – and very VERY competent! I’ve had nice neighbors. Had a good doctor….

    I am very perplexed by this strange video. Can someone please explain it to me? Thanks!

  3. David says:

    I listened to it. I don’t know anything about black business as I’m from an almost entirely white part of the world.

    I did spend several years living in the former communist parts of eastern Europe and several of her examples are quite similar to my experiences there: people not doing what you’re paying them for unless you watch them every single minute, shops being closed when their opening hours say they shouldn’t be, notes saying “back in 10 minutes” and being away for an hour, rudeness etc.

    In that part of the world I always thought that this was due to a feeling of entitlement due to the communist past. In that part of the world a lot of these attitudes are changing because people go to the businesses that adopt good practices.

    I’m not sure how that relates to the problems of black business though.

  4. saudia says:

    The problem is that we tend to highlight the bad. A cop shoots someone, then all cops are bad. A politician takes a bribe then everyone in politics is bad. The reality is that you will find good and bad business practices wherever you go. This little tired that this lady is on is a waste of time and energy and is the leading cause of why black people tend to be seen in a less than positive light.

  5. Wil says:

    Poor, confused hate-filled woman…I have the same complaints with businesses in Canada, and none of them are Black owned. On the other side of the coin, I have had a few Black clients, and about 60% have been good clients.

  6. Wizz says:

    If you think that customer service (which is free) is good in the hood, then you don’t go to the hood very often.

  7. william says:

    You need to really get a hold of Jesus. He can solve all your anger problems. As a follower of Christ I do not see color at all. Since I became a Christian, life is great. When you truly experience Jesus Christ, your life will never be the same. Do you really think black people are the only ones? I want you to meditate on that for a moment. When you look at the national news who do you see causing all the major problems in America? Since you have so much trust in one race of people check this out. Did black folks cause those major investment companies to steal the retirement funds of their customers a few years back. Does the savings and loan failures of the 1980,s ring a bell. Identity theft anyone! I wonder who has caused the current housing market to plummet to Earth! It can not be black people because they can not even get a loan. I could go on and on but i want. You keep your faith in mankind, I will trust in the Lord JESUS CHRIST at all times. I leave you with this my young sister. God says in Jeremiah the 17 chapter verse 9, “The heart is more deceitful than all else , And is desperately sick, Who can understand it. He also says in 17 verse 10, I the Lord, search the heart, I test the mind, even to give to each man according to his ways. To my understanding Jesus do not say there what the color of that heart is. I will stand by JESUS and not by man. There are good and bad people in all walks of life. The high and proud will be brought low. I will pray for you.

  8. No. 7 William…

    I do not understand what does Jesus have to do with other folk’s laziness and triffeling attitude and actions. No black folks did not cause the failure of financial institutions, however they are the pawns in the game and as such they are more negatively impacted the financial failures, because we do not have our own financial institutions; because we do not possess the business vision, determination and acumen necessary to build financial wealth such that we can have our own financial institutions.

    In my 35 years of business experience I have found the worst folks to do business with are the so called Christians. They expect their blessing through your pocket book and they are always waiting on the Lord to do for them what they are too lazy to get off their spiritual behinds and do for themselves.

    I don’t know about the God you serve, but the God I serve wants truth, honesty, hardwork and treating others like you want to be treated. Old school black folks use to personnify those virtues, but years of Willie Lynch’s brain washing has brought about a self-destructive, non-accountable attitude to black communities across this nation. I guess for whatever reasons God just ain’t making serious minded black folks like he used to. Boy do I miss Malcolm X!!

  9. Roni says:

    @ William
    First of all I can discern your sincerity in what you are trying to say, however let’s get one thing straight off the bat…you DO see color. It cracks me up…no it doesn’t, to be truthful it makes me angry when I hear people say that they don’t see color. Even worst is when they say that God is color blind. How stupid is that! God made me and I am black, are you saying that He does not see me! I assume that we both agree that God made mankind right? So think about it… why would He make something then pretend not to see it. He made variety for His Glory. Next time you’re out for a walk check out the flowers, trees, etc. Don’t think He sees THAT either huh? We as Christians need to stop saying that! When we say that we do not see color or that God is colorblind it is saying that we deny who we are and that God has a disability (Color blindness is a disability). And what is that saying to our younger generations …

    Now I’ll assume that you meant that because you now have the love of Jesus in your heart and life, you no longer distinguish between races…which is a good thing.
    I think that when we are disappointed in the services of people we have used, somewhere deep down inside we are disappointed because we expected them to do a good job because they either ARE a Christian or they ARE Black. Many times I have been duped into thinking that because they are Black like me, that just maybe they will do a good job, be honest and have some integrity about the promises they make…not so. Or that because they SAY that they are a Christian (even going to the same Church as me) they are going to do a good job… NOT!

    It has taken me a while but I am learning that lazy folks is lazy folks, liars is liars and if they don’t have any integrity then it doesn’t have anything to do with skin color, they just don’t have it! And SHAME on them. I’ve been burnt across the board. And I am learning not to trust someone to do a good job just because I think that they have the same values or skin color as me. Now that’s where the prayer comes in…you pray for guidance.

  10. william says:

    In the book of first Samuel and in the seventh verse the word of the Lord says, But the Lord said to Samuel, Do not look at his appearance or at his height of his stature, because I have rejected him, for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the lord looks at the heart!! I am not a so called Christian. I am obedient to the word of God. I do not see color. For all have fallen short of the glory of God. People are the problem. Not just white, black, Spanish, German or Russian people. Mankind has the spirit of being lazy, liars, thieves and so on. There are lazy people in every group. My brother come out of that time warp. Leave Malcolm X in the sixties, where he belongs. Jesus said do not worry about the next day, live for today for you know not if you will live tomorrow. Isaiah 55 verse 6 through 9 says,Seek the Lord while he may found; Call upon him while he is near. Let the wicked forsake his ways, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and he will have compassion on him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are my ways your ways, declares the Lord. For as the Heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts. God does not see man as you do my brothers. I will trust in the Lord Jesus and not man. If you trusted in Jesus, you would not get burned!!!! I will pray for you all.

  11. Sadie Brown says:

    Hello No. 10:

    I believe what Dr. Hale was attempting to say when he referenced Malcolm X; is that Malcolm X preached “self-reliance”; Malcolm X preached “mutual respect”, Malcolm preached “being well educated and being well informed”; and Malcolm X preached, “black folks uniting on common goals in order to ensure their self preservation” and Malcolm X preached “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you” .

    My brother, the absolute truth is timeless, and thus it is not referenced to any point in time, hence the “sixties or during the time of Jesus’ toil on this earth”. Most Christian Folks seem to have a problem with Malcolm’s messages simply because of his Muslim faith. However seeking the truth and speaking the truth that will set you free is not rooted in any single religion.

    No, my brother anyone speaking the absolute truth whether it is the word of God, the words of Jerimiah Wright, the words of Dr. King or the words of Malcolm X is very relevant, whether 2000 years ago or 46 years ago.

    When you say, “I trust in the Lord Jesus and not Man”, one could assume that your fellow Christian Brothers and Sisters have the same feelings? Given that possibility, do they trust you? Are you trust worthy? My point is, Jesus ain’t going to come down from the heavens and fix your car or repair your home… however, through prayer he can send those folks your way whom you can potentially trust and when they violate your trust, you and I have an obligation to standup and speak the truth such that they will not violate any one else’s trust.

    Jesus while on this earth was spiritual and practical. His teachings were the counter balance to real negative events during his 35 earth years, bringing into prespective a clear understanding between right and wrong. The problem with a lot of us Christian folks we are so caught up in just memorizing scriptures, we fail to understand and thus fail to internalize the practical message that Jesus is stating. Hence, in all thy getting…get an understanding.

    I believe Jesus helps those who help themselves. When you do pray for ALL OF US, ask in your prays that God will grant ALL OF US the understanding, courage, wisdom, humbleness and the determination to always do the right thing for all the right reasons. Particularly for ALL OF US Black Folks who look to Jesus to do “those things for EACH OF US”, that we are not willing to do for ourselves.

  12. Roni says:

    @ William…AGAIN LOL

    I just want to say that you TOTALLY quoted that scripture out of context…please read the WHOLE book of I Samuel before you…oh never mind. COLOR had nothing to do with what God was saying to Samuel. But why do I get the feeling that just like you say “you don’t SEE color”, you don’t HEAR what I am saying…so…I’m out.

  13. Duanae& Malani Kai
    Lots of vague ranting about how black people suck without any specifics. A naive belief that white and asian business are superior.

    I live in Chicago. I patronize all sorts of businesses. Everything you described about not keeping their posted hours, terrible customer service, and all the rest are things I’ve experienced from {gasp} white owned establishments as well as black, latino, and indian owned ones as well. Nobody has the monopoly on shadiness.

    Your problem is that you look at the race of the owner before you look at their shop. If something looks shady, then it’s probably shady. You’re the dumbass for doing business with someone with race as your primary consideration for your choice. If you’re going to simply trust whites because they’re white, prepare for disappointment.

    I will congratulate you on posting an audio clip that racists will deeply cherish. You’ve given them a nice little bedtime story. For all your venting about how useless ‘stupid marches’ are, you’ve managed to do something even more stupid and useless. It’s not like this is helpful, you know what I mean? Instead of taking your latest bad experience to the internet where you can baselessly condemn all blacks and black-owned businesses, you should have used this energy to contact your local better business bureau about whoever burned you. When you see a problem, try to correct it. Don’t make it worse.
    -Winston Delgado

  14. Duane says:

    Interesting…rant (I guess).

    Next time, slow your roll a little bit long enough to see this was a post for folks to share their own thoughts about it. I purposely left out my own opinions because I’m a little mixed about myself. Readers here are given the chance to make up their own minds on the issues. This post is just one of many examples of that fact.

  15. william says:

    John 14, 6 thus says the Lord Jesus Christ, I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the father, but through me. Isaiah 12:2 Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid; For the Lord God is my strength and song, and he has become my salvation. My sister I do not need the teachings of Malcolm X, Dr Wright or any other man of the last fifty years. I will take the teachings of Jesus Christ and the Holy word that he gave to the Prophets of the old and new testament. For Jesus said that man shall not live on bread alone, But by EVERY WORD THAT COMES OUT OF THE MOUTH OF GOD! So why you listen to man, again I will listen to God. While you are memorizing the scriptures, I am memorizing them and living by what they say. In the book of James it says faith without works is dead! If you do not have Jesus in your life find him. If you die tonight without Jesus your soul shall perish. Do not fall for that saying that all religions lead to Heaven. There is but one true religion and that is the Bible. Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and he will save you. Muhammad can not save because he was born in 570 and died in 632AD. Jesus Christ is the first and the last, The Alpha and the Omega, The beginning and the END! Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Buddha can not save your soul. To Ron I have read both books of Samuel. The first book is about Eli and his ungodly sons. Hannah who is a virgin but God hears her and opens her womb to bless her with the birth of Samuel. She promised God that he would serve him all the days of his life. How the people rejected God as their king. God anointed Saul king over the people. He went against God and that is when God anointed David to be King. The point I was showing was how God looks at the heart not at the outward appearance. I will pray for you all.

  16. Duane,
    I addressed Malani directly in the opening to my comments. I included you because it’s your blog and you’re giving voice to it. That you neither condemned it nor endorsed it is neither here nor there. While I think that it’s perfectly appropriate for African Americans to be self-critical and honest about the endemic problems of their communities, and in fact think that doing such is necessary to makiing use of the opportunities that exist, this audio clip is not a helpful starter for that conversation. Actually, it is literally an angry rant by someone who just got burned.

    Comparing what I wrote to that as a rant is just unfair and dishonest, my brother. I even used paragraph breaks and everything, for gosh sakes. If this is a post for folks to share their own thoughts about the piece, I believe that’s what I did.
    -Winston Delgado

  17. Roni says:

    @ William

    I know I said I was excusing myself from commenting, but you scared me when you said that in the I book of Samuel you read that “Hannah who is a virgin but God hears her and opens her womb to bless her with the birth of Samuel.” Now let me ask you this, is this the BIBLE that you’re reading this from? God heard Hannah’s prayer to take away her barreness…true, God opens her womb…true, she had Samuel true. BUT Hannah was a married, sexually active woman, how else would she know she could not conceive. William she was not a virgin…HELLO…wrong person in the wrong scripture..You’re scaring me! But then again you can’t see color, then maybe you’re having some issues “seeing” the scriptures correctly as well.
    I love the Word of God as much as you seem to, but at least when you quote it do it correctly. You are correct in saying that God looks at the heart of a person and not the outward appearance. God does not Judge a person by their outward appearance, but He does SEE them and recognize who they are. He does not deny what they look like, He made them.
    Sorry Black Informant about getting off course of the main subject..I’m really out now…

  18. william says:

    Ron relax I still know the word of God. I still do not see color. The good thing is that you can correct what you said. She was married and not a virgin. She was married to Elkanah and could not have kids. God heard her cry then opened her womb. I meant to say she was married instead of a virgin. You can be sorry to get off the subject all you want. I will be glad to tell people about Jesus. People want to know why their lives are so messed up. Stop following the world and follow Jesus. Dr Phil, Oprah, Malcolm X, Dr Wright not even the President can save your soul. Only Jesus Christ. For anyone who does not know the way. The gospel according to John, in the third chapter and the sixteenth verse God says, For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have eternal life. Verse 17 says For God did not send the son into the world to judge it, but that the world should be saved through him. Ask for forgiveness of your sins and for Jesus to come into your life. My work in Christ is done on this site. Ron I love in Christ. I leave with no bad feelings towards anyone . May the Lord Jesus Christ bless you all.

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