A Little Bit About The Next In Line For Detroit’s Top Job

Posted: September 4, 2008 in Headlines, Politics

From detroit.about.com

“The man who would be mayor if Kilpatrick leaves office before the end of his term is Kenneth Cockrel, Jr., the president of the Detroit City Council. Just who is Kenneth Cockrel, Jr.?

Business friendly
Voice of reason
Good listener
Consensus builder
Good listener? Why not just add that he pushes his chair in after every meeting?

Now here comes the “cons”

#Although he voted against awarding the city’s recycling contract to Synagro Technologies, Cockrel was questioned in an FBI probe regarding alleged bribes given by the company. His chief of staff, John Clark, resigned after being caught on tape accepting money.

#Cockrel joined in the controversial council decision not to hear Mayor Kilpatrick’s proposed city budget for 2008-2009 after the council asked him to resign.

#According to some critics, Cockrel could be clearer regarding his stance on several policy issues and more aggressive in regard to some of his stated goals, such as pursuing the money Mike Ilitch received from the city for maintenance of historic Tiger Stadium.”
IMO, I do not see that as a “con”.

More on his education and political history here.


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