Flippin’ The Script

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Headlines, Our Expression

Blackvoices reports on a recent Nelly interview:

“You get on brothers about doing certain things, but then when the brother comes to do something helpful for the community, you knock him for the bad s-t that he did. Example: Spelman. I come down there to teach people about leukemia and help benefit and try to help save lives and try to find a donor for my sister. Yet unstill, instead of doing that and help and teaching our community about a bigger issue as far as healthcare, you want to have a three hour conversation about a f-king video. Now, where are our priorities in it? Why didn’t you take that same three hours and educate brothers and sisters up on leukemia and what I came down there for? Now the same fight you are fighting in 2005, are you fighting that today? Because I don’t have my sister today! No, I don’t have her today! But are fighting that same battle?” (more…)

The unfortunate death of Nelly’s (real name: Cornell Haynes Jr.) sister did not hinge on his trip to Spellman. Neither did the impartation of knowledge of this disease to the Black community. While he should be given credit for taking time out of his schedule to address such an issue, he should have been man enough to address the very valid complaint these sisters had regarding his video and the industry he represents.

  1. thenderson says:

    Well, I think that the Spellman women who protested Nelly’s visit were in the wrong because he came down there to talk about leukemia not his music videos. a better alternative would have been for the women to hold a panel discussion or something like that (at a later date), invite Nelly and other rappers plus video girls and discuss hip hop video imagery.

  2. saudia says:

    WHY??? He is a rapper not a head of state. We can not hold Nelly and a school teacher the same standard. His job is to entertain us. And like it or not him swiping that credit card down a woman’s butt was entertaining to many. By the way it was her idea to do the credit card thing….

  3. Give it a rest says:

    Man Enough!

    Are you kidding or what?

    These chicks are simply jumping on something that they can easily understand and talk trash about. Yeap Rap is sooooo much easier to discuss that Leukemia, something that these women might have needed to spend an afternoon in the library to be informed enough to express an opinion without looking stupid.


    The key word here is E-N-T-E-R-T-A-I-N-M-E-N-T! That is what Nelly the the rest people like them do. They also do it for money. See, it aint free so you have to pay for it to be offended by it.

    Dont like? Dont listen or watch it! DONT BUY IT! Plain and simple.

    Let Nelly be. IF you hate rap, that is OK too. Kinda like Prono, if it aint for you it AINT FOR YOU and no one is force feeding it to you.

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