Consistency May Be In Short Supply This Election Season

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Commentary

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh.

  • The Right spent months bashing the left for choosing a candidate with very little experience.
  • The Left spent months bashing McCain for having “too much” experience and part of old D.C. politics
  • McCain picks a VP with little political experience
  • Obama pick a VP with “too much” experience and part of old D.C. politics
  • The Right has in the past made fun of Chelsea Clinton and her looks when she was younger
  • The Left has now made it known that Palin’s daughter on their radar

This is fun. My wife was talking to me while I compiled this list, so I know I could add more to this mix.

Colbert I. King is nap-deep in this game of inconsistency. In his latest piece he is shamelessly scolding PUMAs for thinking about making the jump to McCain just because he chose a female running mate. While I think he has a point that women shouldn’t vote based on gender, homey better be ready to equally hit the many Black folks out there who, despite ideological differences,  still plan to vote for Obama based on race.

  1. Peg says:

    Duane – all evidence that at some point or another, it is difficult for virtually all of us to not be a little hypocritical.

    I think that was a long way of saying “depends upon whose ox is being gored.”

    Good post.

  2. saudia says:

    This should make for a very interesting end to an already interesting election cycle.

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