UCLA Back In The News

Posted: August 29, 2008 in Education

H/T to a reader that sent this to me 🙂

UCLA official resigns over admissions concerns

He suspects cheating in racial admissions, which are banned by state law.
The Orange County Register

LOS ANGELES – A professor who said he suspects UCLA is cheating to illegally admit black students resigned Thursday from its admissions committee, saying the university refused to provide him the data he needs to investigate his suspicions.

“A growing body of evidence strongly suggests that UCLA is cheating on admissions,” political science Professor Tim Groseclose wrote in a report he released Thursday. “Specifically, applicants often reveal their own race on the essay portion of the application.” (click here to read the rest)

This is part of an ongoing issue in our state over the UC system not being compliant with Prop. 209 (a proposition that struck down race preferences in college admissions in the state). There is a whole lot to this story which is why I am going to be brief for now. In the meantime, this professor has posted his full report with e-mail requests to the panel for the information and transcripts of past meetings on the link above.


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