I Wish I Would Have Seen This Entire Interview

Posted: August 28, 2008 in Education, Our children

As many of you already know, I am a full supporter of school choice. While I agree that there are many very good public schools out there, I do not believe that parents should be at the mercy of politcal promises to magically improve schools with more funding (a trick that has rarely worked). If a child is stuck in a poor performing school district and does not have the immediate option of going to a charter school, I say give them a voucher that would help cover some of the costs of private school. I believe that what a local resident pays per year in taxes towards their local public school should be attached to their child—that is the type of voucher I could support.

Anyway, here is a transcript I found of a recent Good Morning America interview with Obama adviser, Melody Barnes. If you are not into reading it, here is the short video clip of the segment.

Making the choice to move to another district just to have your kids attend a better school is becoming more of a reality to many Black families as personal income continues to increase.


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