Convention Coverage

Posted: August 26, 2008 in Politics

I guess I’m with the 59% of CNN’s recent web poll that asked the question “How much of the Democratic National Convention do you plan to watch?” 59% said “none”. I may watch Barack’s speech, but I think its gonna be much of what he has already said on the campaign trail.

P.S. All this talk about how Michelle’s speech was a chance for her to “redifine herself” is crap. The same sources that keep reminding us that she is a “strong woman” are now telling us she needs to be redefined.

‘cuse me, but I haven’t yet met a strong woman that needed to be “redefined” or constantly reminded folks of her strength. When you have to constantly remind folks about someone’s strength, that’s called INSECURITY. How often do you hear the phrase “Oh, she is a strong WHITE woman?” Don’t need to. Why? Because we assume the best for them while we assume a deficit in our own (which is why we feel the need to keep reminding folks of BASIC assets found in most women regardless of race on various levels). Aaannnyway…

Republican convention? Naaaah!

I don’t know about you, but I just can’t stomach scripted events (which is why I would make a terrible politician).


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