Some Folks Are Just Out Of It

Posted: August 24, 2008 in Funny stuff, Just "Why?"

A friend of mine goes to the barbershop the other day. While talking about current events he mentioned something about Russia invading Georgia.

“Russia invaded Atlanta?”, someone asked.

Next subject.

  1. Richard Froggatt says:

    This just in: Russia releases attack route to Atlanta, says gas prices could hinder a successful campaign.

    Moscow, PA
    1: Start out going NORTH on S MAIN ST/PA-435/PA-690 toward N MAIN ST. 0.0 mi
    2: Turn LEFT onto CHURCH ST/PA-690. Continue to follow PA-690. 6.1 mi
    3: Turn RIGHT onto PA-502. 8.5 mi
    4: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto BIRNEY AVE/US-11 N. 0.3 mi
    5: Merge onto I-81 S (Passing through MARYLAND and WEST VIRGINIA, then crossing into VIRGINIA). 392.0 mi
    6: Take EXIT 150A toward US-11/TROUTVILLE/US-460 E/CLOVERDALE. 0.4 mi
    7: Merge onto US-220 S/US-220 ALT S/ROANOKE RD. 0.1 mi
    8: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto US-220 S/US-220 ALT S/ROANOKE RD. Continue to follow US-220 ALT S. 5.0 mi
    9: Turn RIGHT onto US-221 S/US-460 W/CHALLENGER AVE NE. Continue to follow US-460 W. 5.1 mi
    10: Merge onto US-220 S toward DOWNTOWN. 57.4 mi
    11: Merge onto US-220 S toward GREENSBORO (Crossing into NORTH CAROLINA). 8.0 mi
    12: US-220 S becomes THOMAS A. BURTON HWY. 19.7 mi
    13: THOMAS A. BURTON HWY becomes NC-68. 0.8 mi
    14: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto BELEWS CREEK RD/NC-65. 1.0 mi
    15: Stay STRAIGHT to go onto US-158 W. 15.4 mi
    16: Take the I-40-BR W ramp. 0.4 mi
    17: Merge onto I-40 BR W/US-421 N/US-158 W/NC-150 W. 2.1 mi
    18: Merge onto US-52 S via EXIT 6A toward LEXINGTON. 36.8 mi
    19: US-52 S becomes I-85 S (Passing through SOUTH CAROLINA, then crossing into GEORGIA). 279.5 mi
    20: Take the COURTLAND ST exit, EXIT 249A, toward GEORGIA STATE UNIVERSITY. 0.2 mi
    21: Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto COURTLAND ST NE. 0.9 mi
    22: COURTLAND ST NE becomes WASHINGTON ST SW. 0.1 mi
    23: Turn LEFT onto CAPITOL SQ SW. 0.1 mi
    24: Turn LEFT onto CAPITOL AVE SE/CAPITOL AVE SW. 0.0 mi
    25: End at Atlanta, GA
    Estimated Time: 14.0 hours 24 minutesEstimated Distance: 839.97 miles

  2. Richard Froggatt says:

    I tried posting this as a comment first
    This just in

  3. Roni says:

    Atlanta? What in the world?
    Okay, Okay after reading what your friend said I hear a drumroll and then a cymbal clash. And I say “Waaaamp, waaaamp” LOL

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