Reaction From Around The Black Blogosphere: Obama’s VP Pick

Posted: August 23, 2008 in Headlines, Politics

Check out the search engine I created (located on the sidebar towards the bottom). Here you able to search the contents of Black-authored blogs from around the net. In the meantime, I’ll post just a few of the reactions to Obama’s VP pick, Sen. Joesph Biden.

“Oh really? Biden has a history of racially insensitive and offensive remarks. Google “Biden + Racism” and you get over 440,000 results documenting his racist bloopers, if you will – oops! Besides the lack of a “change” message in choosing a veteran senator from a northeast blue state who also voted for the Iraq War (why not go on and pick Clinton?!), let’s just jog past a few of Biden’s classically hilarious racist indiscretions to date, shall we?” (Jack and Jill Politics)

“If he (Obama) is going to pick Joe Biden he (Obama) might as well pick Hillary Clinton. Her and her husbands color aroused comments are just about the same as biden.” (African-American Political Pundit)

“If anything, we can thank Joe Biden for being instrumental in preventing nutjob conservative Robert Bork from being on the Supreme Court.” (Oliver Willis)

“Back in February I had a contest to see who could give me a reasonable argument for a VP candidate. Kyle won the contest and I published his comment. We had many candidates including Senator Joe Biden. I didn’t think that Joe Biden would be a good pick at the time because he didn’t bring a lot including the very small state of Delaware. But after talking with Princeton political guru Melissa Harris-Lacewell, I became more of a Biden supporter.” (Where’s the Outrage?)


For me, a few things–

#It’s going to be REAL interesting to see how folks justify voting for “the old White racist guy” and Obama. Watch how things Biden has said in the past will suddenly be dismissed as just run-of-the-mill politics.

#With Obama staying true to his liberal roots with his VP pick, he has confirmed that the only change he will be bring to Washington is a Black face in the White House. He would have really had a much wider net to work with if he went with a moderate Democrat. There was nothing bold about this move. Plus, you also have to remember that if the Democrats maintain their majority in both houses, Obama will have very little choice but to go along with the party line if he makes it to the White House. Biden will see to it!

#McCain will now have to go with a VP that is either equal to or little Right of him. Picking a pro choice running mate will alienate much of the Conservative base but will score points for him in the beltway.

#I’m quite aware of the fact that people vote for the President, not the Vice-President. However, is this too much of a mismatch?

  1. Santiago says:

    Curiously, in the United States, the Democratic candidates who are Catholics (Ferraro in 1984, Kerry in 2004 or now Biden in 2008) are pro abortion. The only improvement of the right to life of the unborn has taken a non-Catholic, George Bush. This president has undeniable flaws but banned one type of abortion more bloody, the partial birth abortion. Regards, Santiago Chiva, Granada (Spain)

  2. Richard Froggatt says:

    Aside from the fact that Sen. Obama wasn’t sure if (this afternoon) he was introducing Sen. Biden as the next president or vice-president; I think he’s trying to capture the Catholic vote (not mine).

    Little does he know that tolerance for the rampant liberalism and disregard for Catholic teaching is coming to an end.

  3. Zack says:

    You are right about everything, Duane! Good post. I just want to see how this all plays out come November…

  4. AMAOBI says:

    hello my people .
    lets wait and see what will happen in
    novermer but as for me . the comeing
    JESUS is comeing and OBAMA become
    the prsident of america which means
    to me that . jesus is comeing soon .

    africa big enuogh for african .

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