Leading Blacks Or Just Blacks In Leadership Roles?

Posted: August 22, 2008 in Commentary

Blackvoices.com posted a list of folks who they believe are the “New Wave Of Black Leadership“. Here are some that stuck out to me.

Jesse Jackson – He is the go-to guy for MSM anytime something goes down in the Black community. And while it is true that there are numbers of Black folks in this country that do call on him when something does go down, does he truly reflect the general opinions of most Black folks in this country? On the matter of inequality based on race and the belief that it is just as widespread as 50 years ago, I would say “Yes”. New wave leadership? I don’t think so. Same goes for Al Sharpton (who is also on the list).

Condoleezza Rice – She is a Black woman who happens to be in a leadership role–that’s it! Only a tiny percentage of Blacks actually vote Republican and she is widely considered a sell-out and neo- Butterfly McQueen by many in the Black community. The only wave most Blacks want to see her on is the one that sweeps her and the rest of the Bush gang out of office.

Dr. Dorothy Height – She may have been a leader back in the day, but let’s be honest here. How many Black women you know will tell you that A. They know who she is or what she has done. B. They actually look up to her for leadership. Dorothy, I love you sis, but I don’t think you would qualify as a “new wave” leader.

Cynthia McKinney – She is the nominee for the Green Party. Not too many Blacks in that party–especially when compared to Democrats. Plus, she was voted out of office in Georgia due largely in part to her punching incident on capital hill. While she and her daddy enjoyed some political clout in the Atlanta area for years, there are numbers of Black folks who did not shed any tears when she was defeated.

Faye Wattleton – Being a leader of an organization that kill babies (including Black babies) isn’t what I would call “New wave.” I call that old school genocide. Need I say more?

Just because a Black person holds a leadership role does not qualify them as a leader of Black folks.

  1. missify says:

    Wow. I agree to the upteenth degree. For me, it is also a crime for such “leaders” to be threatened by up and coming “movers” who are not not concerned about having a wikipedia entry–but about true transformation in BLACK communities.


  2. Richard Froggatt says:

    Condoleezza is tough. 🙂 Agree or disagree with her, she’s principled and unwavering.

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