“Community Leader” Goes To Jail

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Headlines

Prominent Muslim activist jailed in LA for four years

LOS ANGELES (AFP) — A prominent Los Angeles-based Muslim activist has been jailed for four years after pleading guilty to attempting to bribe a witness, prosecutors said Tuesday.

Najee Ali, who heads the community group Project Islamic HOPE (Helping Oppressed People Everywhere), was sentenced on Monday after he admitted an attempt to interfere with a witness in a court case involving his daughter. (more…)

Najee Ali is one of those that the LA local media runs to locally anytime something goes down in the Black community in Los Angeles. For those of you not familiar with Ali, he is sorta like a localized version of Al Sharpton. I may disagree with him on some issues, but when the brutha is right, he is RIGHT.

This is the position he took last year when some White girls in Long Beach got beat up and hospitalized by a group of Black teens back in ’06.

Project Islamic Hope activist Najee Ali — who was so upset by media underplaying the unusual story and so angry at the black leadership for pooh-poohing the mob behavior that he held a march for the victims — wrote in an e-mail to the Weekly, “The saddest thing was watching Eddie Jones and other South L.A. activists breaking their necks trying to get in front of the TV cameras… embarrassing the rest of the black community by saying the witnesses and victims of the beatings had lied about what happened.”
Agreeing with Hayes, Ali wrote that the black parents’ “public lack of remorse and contrition towards the victims helped turn public sympathy against the defendants” and scuttled a deal offered by the D.A. — probation with no jail time.

Meanwhile, Hicks, of Community Advocates, who is also a former director of the Los Angeles City Human Relations Commission, says that while some black parents may have been out of touch when they insisted “their kids do nothing but homework, run track and go to church,” other parents had “the same street-culture attitudes that their kids showed.”


Community activists on both sides, contacted by the Weekly, were disappointed over the lack of national coverage of what was, essentially, a man-bites-dog tale. Most believed that, had it been a white-on-black crime involving a mob of 30 white kids, the media would have been all over it. (more…)


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