Back In The Day…

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Remember

Jasmine Guy getting her director on-

Jasmine Guy thriving in a “Different World”
Atlanta native making debut as theater director

Plus, whatever happened to this sistah?

Suzette Charles. ‘Memba her?

Here is all I could find on her.

“Suzette Charles DeGaetano – 1981 Scholar

Just three years after being named New Jersey’s Presidential Scholar in 1981, Suzette Charles DeGaetano claimed another national honor – the title of Miss America 1984. An accomplished singer who had appeared in commercials and educational TV programs, Charles swept the talent competition. After her service touring the nation as Miss America, Charles continued her musical career, performing with Bill Cosby, Stevie Wonder, Lou Rawls, Alan King, and Joel Grey. (source)

Plus, here is a site that posted a link where you can download her album.

What was always interesting about her career path is that it was Vanessa Williams’ nude pictures that launched her career while Charles kept her clothes on and has been tossed into Neverland.

  1. benvking1971 says:

    May be she really doesn’t want to be in show business.

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