News That’s Never Included In My E-Mail

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Just "Why?"

Like many of you, from time to time I get e-mails from the e-underground railroad (that’s what I call it – EUR). Basically it is an unorganized e-mail network made up of friends, family, co-workers and unknowns that pass on information that is being talked about somewhere in the Black community. Recent events like Katrina and the Jena 6 caused these networks to duplicate itself in greater numbers.

I remember some years back my cousin included me in one of her EUR e-mails. I think that it had something to do with Black colleges being underfunded. Anyway, I decided to challenge the e-mail openly on some of the assertions that were flat out untrue. My cousin then began backpedal claiming that they were just passing on the information. I had a friend of mine years later that passed on some stuff that I again challenged. Once again the individual fell on the “Well I’m just passing on the information.” Needless to say that I am no longer part of those ad hoc networks.

The theme for these networks are always the same: Report on any White infraction against Blacks or anything anti-Bush. Wanna get mad at something for today? Open up that e-mail from the e-mail address Even Howard Witt, the White columnist for Chicago Tribune has used the EUR to promote his stories (anger=awards for him). If you do not go along with the narrative, you may very well find yourself deleted from a few e-mail lists.

Back in June, I posted a story about voter fraud allegations in Alabama. What stuck out to me in this story were two things: #1 The allegations were coming out of eight, mostly Black counties. Black folks were getting paid for their absentee ballots. #2. Local Democrats were behind it. You would think something like this would be big news right? Especially since that story about men showing up in clipboards to keep Blacks from voting has been bouncing around since 2000.

Here is an update to that story.

Secretary Chapman Says Voter Fraud Reports Continue

Secretary of State Beth Chapman says just two months after the June primary election and 65 business days prior to the November presidential general election, new allegations of voter fraud continue on a weekly basis. More than ten new complaints have come in during the past two weeks alone.

Chapman says that the website,, and toll-free number, 1-800-274-VOTE have been instrumental in receiving the allegations.

“Voter Fraud is one big business in Alabama that needs to be shut down,” Chapman said. “Dead people can not vote, and those living over the age of 18 who are Alabama citizens and citizens of the United States of America should only vote once” she continued. Chapman says she will do everything within her power to “ensure that fair and honest elections prevail.” (more…)

Send some klan members down there and I’m sure it will fit the narrative. In the meantime, keep forwarding those e-mails.


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