Dem Po’ Blacks Now Need Sunlight

Posted: August 19, 2008 in Our Health

Another saaaad report about Black folks have been farted out of the medical community. Now we are in desperate need of sunlight.

EUR NEWS SPECIAL: Lack of sunshine appears to be harming black health and life expectancy.
By Robert N. Taylor

*There is a growing body of scientific and medical research suggesting that concerns about skin cancer may have been exaggerated and that most Americans, especially Blacks, actually need greater exposure to sunshine and the valuable vitamin D it helps to produce.

The most recent in a series of studies was released on Tuesday by the prestigious Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

The researchers used data from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey to conclude that not getting enough of the so-called “sunshine vitamin” appears to increase the risk of an early death by as much as 26 percent. Johns Hopkins cardiologist Dr. Erin Michos said low levels of vitamin D appear to “confer an increased risk of dying from any cause.”

As far as African Americans are concerned, Jean Mayer of the Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University in Boston concluded in an earlier report: “Vitamin D insufficiency is more prevalent among blacks than other Americans and, in North America, most young, healthy blacks to not achieve optimal” levels of vitamin D from sunshine. (more…)

Now unless Black folks suddenly became the majority in America, this is yet another example of how Blacks are used to create alarm.

Up to 70 Percent of Americans May be Deficient in Vitamin D

By John Jacob Cannell, M.D., executive director of The Vitamin D Council
Note the date: 2003


Because low calcidiol [25(OH)D] levels (less than 35 ng/ml) are associated with so many chronic illnesses, calcidiol levels are an important part of any laboratory health evaluation and should be routinely checked by physicians. Unfortunately, few physicians are aware of this so perhaps as much as 70 percent of the U.S. population has calcidiol levels below 35 ng/ml. Even when asked to check vitamin D levels, physicians often order calcitriol levels, instead of calcidiol levels, an error that greatly misleads both the physician and the patient. (more…)

Uh oh! Look at what was written in 2008.

Adults still risk vitamin D deficiency


“According to the National Center for Health Statistics, as many as 36% of Americans are vitamin D deficient.” (source)

Get your numbers together before you start using Black folks to make a case for funding (because let’s be real here, crisis equals money for some folks).

  1. Mori Goldlist says:

    Come on guy!!!!! This is not a conspiracy against blacks!!!
    The fact is that every person in the US comes from someplace else! Where they came from originally (past 40,000 years!!!) will determine how much more or less Vitamin D they need.

    You can’t argue that blacks came from Africa (willingly or not!). The vast amount of sunlight required them to have the black skin pigmentation in order to actually protect their skin from too much sunlight thereby limiting their intake of Vitamin D.

    The further north a person originated from, the less pigmentation they required because the darker the skin, the less their ability to absorb the sunlight that would give them their adequate amount of Vitamin D.

    Two problems arose:

    (1) Blacks that came to the US were suddenly deprived of the massive amounts of the African sunlight but still had protective pigmentation so now they had less sunlight and that was further diminished by their protective pigmentation… a double whammy in producing enough Vitamin D.

    (2) People of northern climates (England, Scotland, Norway, etc.,) came to America where there was far more sunlight available than “back home” but with not enough natural skin pigmentation to prevent them from burning. So those people are the ones who continually burn, and it is the continual burning that causes genetic damage to those prone to it and it is the genetic damage that can lead to skin cancer.

    Soooo, now we have blacks who don’t get enough sunlight, compared to what their skin needs to provide enough Vitamin D But they also don’t burn as easily.

    We also have “Whitey”, who has way less pigmentation because they needed as much sunlight as possible in order to produce enough Vitamin D but now they get way more than enough sunlight to produce Vitamin D BUT they are very easily burned with overexposure.

    Sooo, hint of the day is: Put a lot of tanning salons in areas with high proportions of black people because they are the ones that need them the most!!!! Obviously not for colour* but for Vitamin D’s beneficial effects on health.

    Mori goldlist
    Toronto Canada

    PS… my favourite table dancer is a young black lady who tans wearing a skimpy bikini. The tan lines look fabulous!!!!

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