Slapping Down the Global Warming/Po’ Blacks Issue

Posted: August 13, 2008 in Politics

Naw. Dude got pimp slapped (look at the expression on his face at the end).
The video is about 2:25 minutes long. If you can get through the first 2 minutes, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Her choice of words may have been a bit much, but the sentiment is well understood on this end.

  1. Shhh23 says:

    I wonder if he was amoung those pastors that believed the lies that Pres Bush fed them during his election bids. Another thing he should have came back at her instead of accepting her statement and then held a press conference afterwards.

  2. Wil says:

    That lowlife woman Wiggins is much too coarse to represent me….Is it possible that the minister has a point when you consider the fees and expenses that the new law would cause?

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