Posted: August 13, 2008 in The Media

Coney Island Mob Beats Ex-Marines Rescuing Girl

A wolf pack of at least 30 thugs viciously attacked two hero ex-Marines in Brooklyn after they rescued a teenage girl who was being assaulted, police and witnesses said yesterday.

And when the brother of one of the former servicemen tried to come to his rescue during the July 25 melee in Coney Island, he was beaten into a coma.


“When I showed up, there were a lot of people there, people on the left and people on the right, and then – ‘Boom!’ – I got hit and passed out,” Ivan told The Post from his hospital bed.

Police sources said he was pounded senseless by 240-pound Timothy Dixon, 23, who was swinging a metal baseball bat.

Ivan suffered multiple facial fractures and will require plastic surgery.

The NYPD is looking for Dixon, who remains at large.

The teenage girl fled after the melee.

The two former Marines, meanwhile, insist that the violence had racial overtones, although the assault has not been labeled a bias crime.

Bukler said, “Those in the crowd were yelling, ‘Hey, white boys, you’re in the ‘hood now!’ We were yelling back, ‘We don’t care – we live here!’ (more…)

What I’m finding strange about this story is for starters, I was only able to find one newspaper online mentioning it. This apparent media blackout reminds me a lot of a melee that took place out here a couple of years ago. Only one paper in town covered the story. Only when the local radio talk shows got involved did larger papers like the LA Times see it as news ‘fit’ to print.

  1. Give it a rest says:

    You got me with this one Duane because even being from NYC this is the first that I am hearing about this.

    Its very sad but from the few details given here this appears to have “gang” (blood/ crip) written all over it.

    Crowd of 30 people……(actively watching a crime in progress)
    The victim fled……. (did not report incident to police)
    The perp is STILL at large…….. (no witnesses, but a crowd of 30!)

    This type of situation is no longer news anymore, it is common. Oh how we long for the days when this whole “Blood/ Crip” things was a West Coast problem!

    Sad but if you do see “colors” in action nowadays it is best to keep it moving.

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