One Man’s Quest to Honor Blacks Who Fought in the Revolutionary War

Posted: August 12, 2008 in Remember

Stall on the National Mall
Efforts to honor black colonial soldiers languish
By BRETT ZONGKER Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Most accounts of the Revolutionary War give the impression that America’s independence from Britain was won by brave white men.

Maurice Barboza wants to tell the rest of the story.

He’s trying to revive an effort to build the first monument on the National Mall honoring black colonial soldiers — perhaps the most forgotten heroes from the nation’s birth.

The project would recognize such people as Crispus Attucks, the first patriot killed in the Boston Massacre, and James Lafayette, a Virginia slave who risked his life to spy on the British and was granted freedom in return.

“They were Americans, and they should be honored,” Barboza says. “They were founders of the country.”

Congress first approved the idea for a memorial honoring enslaved and free black Revolutionary War soldiers and a prominent site for the project more than 20 years ago. But after years of planning, the idea languished due to fundraising and management problems. (more…)

For more information about this effort, check out the National Mall Liberty Fund D.C.’s website.

Brush up on your Revolutionary war history and the roles Blacks played to help this country win that war.

African American Patriots of the Revolutionary War

  1. avery says:

    totally unrelated, but that banner is the sure shot!

  2. Richard Froggatt says:

    I don’t know Avery, I’m gonna miss those smiles.

  3. Duane says:

    A hot bowl of chitlins, rice and hot sauce can bring you many smiles…and sleep 🙂

  4. Richard Froggatt says:

    Well, I’ve never had chitlens (and I don’t suppose I will) but I see your point.

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