Shhhh! Someone’s at the mic (8/7/08)

Posted: August 7, 2008 in Commentary, Our children, Sistahs

Are Women To Blame For Men’s Bad Behavior
Kim Crouch (

Yes, you heard me. I did ask if women are to blame for men’s bad behavior. I know on first glance many of you may have gotten offended and immediately said no. But the truth is, we need to have an honest conversation starting today about what’s happening in our communities, our lives and with us. I’ve heard too many conversations this past week from women complaining about black men and their scandalous ways. The truth is there are plenty of men (both black and white and women for that fact) that are scandalous and down right trifling. I can’t disagree on that. But what I always find missing from the conversation is the recognition of the role that we, as women, play in helping to create these “dogs” and/or in the perpetuation of the bad behavior exhibited by these men. (read more…)

  1. Give it a rest says:

    No, Blackwomen are to blame for their own bad benhavior that far too many of them do not acknowledge!

  2. Wizz says:

    I’ve been thinking this for years. There is little doubt that men do a LOT of what they do to attract women. Especially single men… If most women were attracted to nerds then a majority of the men would be trying to be nerds.

    Look at S. Korea for example… I saw a documentary where computer geeks are, literally, like rock stars.. Women want to be with the a smart man. So of course everyone wants to be a computer geek.. In our community for some strange reason a LOT of young women want the “gangsta” guy. So they get what they ask for. Of course most of the women grow out of it and realize they really should have been looking at the quiet smart guy doing his homework… But it is a little too late if figure this out after they already have three kids and are emotionally unstable from several terrible relationships. Now the smart guy don’t want THEM…

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