Who will groom these young girls into women? (8/3/08)

Posted: August 3, 2008 in Mentoring, Our children, Sistahs

Shahada and Deshiya are fun, likeable African American sisters who enjoy being active. They love receiving adult attention and praise. They currently live in a foster home and are ready to belong in a family of their own.

Shahada is a smart, outgoing six year old. Her social worker says she likes to talk and interact with people, and usually has something interesting to say. She does well in school and is on grade level academically. Shahada enjoys playing games typical of her age, including playing with dolls, tag, board games and drawing. Shahada prefers to have things go her way but does listen and accept limits.

Like her sister, eight year old Deshiya is doing well in school. She enjoys the company of friends, playing with dolls, tag, listening to music and coloring. Deshiya is content to play outside and take in the flowers and nature around her. Deshiya likes to please and is doing well behaviorally at home and in school.

Shahada and Deshiya have experienced loss and trauma in their early years and will need an adoptive family with a strong support system. They would be a good match for a family with either no children or older children. The family should be open to continued counseling, and be able to provide supervision, advocate for the girls’ needs, and encourage their strengths. Legally free for adoption, Shahada and Deshiya will bring a lot of joy to a family ready to parent two active, growing youngsters. (Case #: SMA014698 Status: Active)


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