This is getting crazy

Posted: August 1, 2008 in Headlines, Just "Why?"

For years our local media has been playing down the fact that Blacks are targeted the most by Hispanic gangs (read “The other White meat that’s palatable”). While most of the stories you will hear about take place in the city of LA, the following story demonstrates how this madness is spreading way beyond the city.

Killing shows Eastside gang is active, Riverside County district attorney says

The Press-Enterprise

The Riverside County district attorney’s office will seek the death penalty against a man charged with murder and labeled an East Side Riva gang member by authorities.

Prosecutors announced Wednesday that Jesse Manzo, 21, could face execution if convicted in the shooting of Raymond Franklin, 23, who was found dead in his driveway on the afternoon of May 2 in the northern part of Riverside

District Attorney Rod Pacheco said the slaying was done to benefit the East Side Riva gang, which was targeted last August in the district attorney’s gang injunction.

“The East Side Riva gang is alive and well and continues to plague the community by targeting young African-Americans who call the Eastside home,” Pacheco said in a written statement. “This violent gang must be stopped.” (more…)


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