Holla back, Atlanta readers

Posted: July 31, 2008 in Headlines, Question

It was sad today reading the following article in the AJC:

Report: Young blacks in DeKalb at high risk of homicide

As a former resident of the Atlanta area (about 7 years), I lived through Freaknik, the murder of Derwin Brown, and a few other unfortunate events that are not coming to me right now (oh, Bill Campbell getting indicted).

At that time (mid 90’s), Dekalb was probably the Blackest county in the Atlanta area where there was a growing number of middle to upper-middle class Blacks calling that county home everyday. I even remember noticing quite a few multi-million dollar gated communities popping up in the Lithonia area.

DeKalb had its “questionable” parts back then, but I don’t ever recall it being on par with Atlanta crime (see article I linked to earlier in this post).

From your view, has the crime really become worse in the last few years?

One more question: Are you seeing a lot of foreclosures (in Dekalb)? If so, how is that affecting the communtiy. (Okay, that’s 2 questions).


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