You knew it was coming

Posted: July 30, 2008 in Just "Why?"

Hat tip to a reader who sent me this article.

House Majority Whip: Climate Change Hurts Blacks More

(“Psst, Clyburn. YO’ CLYBURN! We seem to be unable to get the general population to buy into this global warming racket. We need you to ratchet up the race angle. Well do our part by tying in the Black civil rights movement with the ‘fact’ that the earth is getting warmer. I mean, what if it was too hot for ni–I mean Black folks to march during to hear MLK? What if was the excessive summer heat in August of ’65 that really sparked the Watts riots? So many angles we can take this.”)

An audio tape of this conversation was sent to More of this conversation will be leaked as I see fit.


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