Yeah, we felt it

Posted: July 30, 2008 in Headlines

We live just under 20 miles from the epicenter of today’s quake, so we sho’ nuff felt it.

Once you have been out here for several years, you kinda get used to the occasional tremor. But today it was a little more than that.

So I standing in the kitchen talking to my daughter when all of a sudden the walls started to shake. I was expecting it to die down, but the shaking intensified. The entire house was swaying. The whole thing lasted about 10-15 seconds. From the way the house was moving, I was expecting the windows to start shattering. Fortunately all of them are crack-free.

After it was over, I checked on the neighbors just to make sure folks were okay. Everyone was find, just a little shaken up.

In the meantime, the local media is having a field day with this as they troll around town sticking a camera in front of every can that fell off of someone’s shelf.


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