Wrap-up (7/26/07)

Posted: July 26, 2008 in Headlines

The Observer gets an exclusive with Jay-Z.

‘If [Barack Obama] loses I really will feel sorry and sad for the state of America,’ he says. ‘The world is watching. And the world will judge us on that. And I’m not voting for him simply because he’s black. The worst thing ever for black people would be to put someone in who wasn’t capable. I’m voting because he’s capable. What he represents to a little kid in Marcy Projects right now is to make him feel like he’s part of America. We never felt like we were part of the American dream.’

What I highlighted is called elitism. Why? Shawn Carter is the personification of the “American dream” (dream varies from person to person). Despite his rough and unfortunate beginnings, he has been able to achieve heights and success that so few Americans have ever experienced. Mind you, all this was achieved under WHITE presidents. Yet in his estimation, po’ Black kids need the presence of a Black man in the White House in order to “feel” a part of America. No only does he feel it, but he lives it! Just as he was able to “make it” others have and will continue to do so, regardless who is in the White House. To hang the hopes of po’ Black kids on the occupant of the White House all while he has managed to live out his HOPES and DREAMS regardless who was the president is Big Pimpin’ hopelessness.

Flashback that’s coming back: Obama’s Global Tax Proposal Up for Senate Vote


Did he or didn’t Kilpatrick say the following line:

“How can you be a black woman and work on this case?”

Do a Google search for this alledged quote and several sources cite it. However the actual article (strangely enough, one of the Google search results) has this as the quote:

“He was irate,” she said. She also recalled how Kilpatrick, whom she had never met before, told her: “You are a black woman with a man with the last name White … You should be ashamed of yourself.” (source)

Mind you, either one is just as bad IMO, but I’m just a little curious if the Detroit News got it wrong, corrected it without telling readers of the mistake. Just something I noticed.

The Payback Merry-go-round

Zuma ‘shocked by white poverty’

The head of South Africa’s governing African National Congress, Jacob Zuma, has said he is shocked and embarrassed about white poverty in the country.

Mr Zuma was speaking after visiting the Bethlehem township near the capital, Pretoria, where white families live without running water or electricity.

He said the high level of black poverty did not mean whites did not suffer too.

South Africa’s Helping Hand says the number of homeless white people has increased by 58% since 2002.

A new report by the charity, which helps poor white communities, says more than 130,000 white people in South Africa are homeless. (more…)

Georgia Public Schools Not Doing So Well

Fewer Georgia schools meet federal testing goals

Fewer of Georgia’s public schools met federal testing goals this year, with about 69 percent making the mark compared with 82 percent last year. (more…)


Gay Friendly Dunk?

Apparently one must exist as Nike recently buckled under pressure from folks that an ad of theirs was “homophobic”.

(AP) One ad showed a basketball player dunking over another. The crotch of the player dunking was planted firmly in the other player’s face. The ad sported a large tag line: “That Ain’t Right.”

Earlier, Nike had said the ads were “based purely upon a common insight from within the game of basketball — the athletic feat of dunking on the opposition, and is not intended to be offensive.” (more…)

Another complaint filed by folks who probably never set foot on a basketball court.


Eliminating Help to Give Help (or something like that)

While many politicians and the media are focusing on nanny government coming to the rescue of homeowners who are facing foreclosure, guess what is being eliminated?

Congress Is Set to Limit Down-Payment Assistance

Yep, programs that have helped many Black folks purchase their home.

I was just speaking with an agent the other day. According to her, she will loose all of her pending deals as many of her clients come from the LA (city) area.


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