The other White meat that’s palatable

Posted: July 24, 2008 in Headlines

The Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations released a report today that tells us something you will not hear from folks who are hell-bent on pining EVERY infraction suffered by Blacks against Whites.

Here is one of the findings that was highlighted in this article

The annual report, to be published Thursday by the county’s human relations commission, shows 763 hate crimes were reported in 2007, a 28 percent increase from 2006.

The numbers buck last year’s overall crime trends, which saw a decrease of 6 percent in Los Angeles County and 5 percent in the city of Los Angeles, the report notes.

The most common hate crimes were those motivated by race, with 310 committed against black people and 125 against Latinos. However, crimes in which anti-immigrant slurs were used dropped slightly.

While the article mentioned contributing factors like gang violence and friction between Black and Latino residents as contributors to this issue, it never directly mentioned WHO was committing these crimes against Blacks and Hispanics.

Here is what is in the actual report–

In antiblack crimes, 71% of the suspects were Latino. In crimes targeting Latinos, black suspects constituted 56% of the total previous year.

As of 2006, Black people comprised of just only 9.6% of the population in Los Angeles county yet we are top of the list in targeted hate crime.


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