Wipe those crumbs from around your mouth, please

Posted: July 22, 2008 in Politics

A quick reminder on some of the benefactors of the current subprime mortgage crisis.

From Bloomberg.com

Through Fannie’s foundation, company executives gained access to members of Congress and their staffs, spending millions to support groups such as the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, Metropolitan Mayors Caucus and National Conference of State Legislatures. (more…)

So the next time you hear a member from any of these groups taking the mortgage industry to the woodshed, check their pockets.

  1. Jarrett says:

    You could take any politician to task for being influenced by bad mortgages in some fashion.

    When will black folks earn the right to be wrong?

  2. Andre says:

    After I heard about Sens. Dodd and Conrad (chairmen of the Senate Banking and Budget Committees respectively) getting caught with their hands in Countrywide’s cookie jar, I was convinced that we need to investigate the investigators. The Bloomberg article provides further evidence that EVERYBODY apparently can be bought.

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