Now Black men are in need of “validation”

Posted: July 22, 2008 in Just "Why?", Politics

Get this, “Validation” from government!!!!!!!!

Just yesterday I blasted an article (Our never-ending search for a role model continues) that talked about how Michelle Obama “…normalizes black women.” I thought that it couldn’t get any worse.

It got worse.

Here are some excerpts from the article “Why do so many have a Man Crush on Barack Obama?”


The presumptive Democratic presidential nominee doesn’t have to say a word to elicit such a response. He might show up — always smiling — shaking hands or merely strolling across the tarmac on his way to an event. And the women in our lives just edge closer to the television and beam right back at him to openly adore this senator from Illinois.

But what has come as a bigger surprise to me is the powerful reactions Mr. Obama is creating among other men. I’ve noticed the tiny, almost overlooked male reactions: a curled lip that stretches into a toothy grin or the puffed-up chests that occur as men watch Mr. Obama speak. I saw the image of an African-American man crying at an Obama event. When have you ever seen the public spectacle of a black man crying?


I think many men see in him an appealing validation and recognition — if unfamiliar in the popular culture — of their own masculinity. Or, perhaps, a form of masculinity they aspire to maintain for themselves.


The key to Mr. Obama’s appeal among men is his smooth and unflappable character. Brothers call it “Billy Dee Williams” smooth. He’s brought sexy back to white-collar masculinity.

Especially for African-American men, this is extraordinary. Indeed, he may be the only black man in America that can smile as often as he does and still be taken seriously by other black men.


Let’s face it, the senator from Illinois with the good looks and the winning smile is not only attractive to women. For many men, the guy with the big ears and big brain personifies a post-industrial and postmodern version of masculinity in a changing world that is not quite sure what to do with men and boys. Mr. Obama is showing them unimagined possibilities. (more…)

Just speechless.

I have to walk away for awhile on this one. I need to get some air after reading this. Perhaps I’ll comment on it once I get back.

  1. Wil says:

    How many white heroes have Black men and boys seen throughout their lifetimes? Isn’t it about time that we have a real Black hero ? Anyone who critisizes Obama now before the election is helping mccain.

  2. angela says:

    Wow, never looked at Obama in a Billy Dee Williams way… just keep it political and call it a day, please.

  3. Wizz says:

    He is inspirational… Maybe you wouldn’t use the same words as the author. But there is little doubt that he and Michelle are both very inspirational, even to someone like myself who is a middle class college graduate. And it is not like this is something new. Go back and read all the glowing articles about Bush in 2000. Somehow he became the average guy that everyone wanted to have a beer with, invite to their picnics, and be god’s warrior on earth. He became inspiration to all C students everywhere. If it was Richardson then it would Hispanics writing about their inspiration and pride in their candidate. This is not something new or surprising.

  4. Andre says:

    I suppose it could be worse. White America could be viewing Nelly as a role model.

    *crickets chirping*

    OK. OK. OK. My attempts at optimism need considerable work. I get that…

  5. Duane says:

    Inspiration is one thing. Stating that the Obamas “validate” black folks is ridiculous.

    That’s worship, not inspiration.

    There are people out there who inspire me, but by no stretch of the imagination do they “validate” me.

    Go back and read all the glowing articles about Bush in 2000

    I think you would be very hard pressed to find folks fawning over him like this. Most ardent liberals and progressives have already admitted to this already.

    Man crush?

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