And there you go!

Posted: July 22, 2008 in Commentary

“Kids are dying every single day. I don’t see where the NAACP, the Urban League, the Black Caucus, have decided that the fact that black boys are being locked up at alarming rates means we need to stop the nation and have a discussion about how we’re going to eradicate that as a problem. It has not become urgent enough. If black America doesn’t see it as urgent enough, how dare us think white America is going to think it’s urgent enough?” (comment made by Tony Hopson Sr., which was mentioned in Leonard Pitts Jr. latest article “Stand Up, Get Involved to Save Children“. Hopson is the president and founder of SEI–Self Enhancement, Inc.)

  1. Carol says:

    “Indeed, the most important thing I’ve learned is that none of this is rocket science. We already know what works. What we lack is the will to do it. Instead, we have a hit-and-miss patchwork of programs achieving stellar results out on the fringes of the larger, failing, system. Why are they the exception and not the rule?”

    The final piece of this puzzle of “what works” is finding something that can scale. The reality is that until people get away from the non-profit structure, there will continue to be pockets of successful, but unsustainable or un-scalable solutions.

    And that’s at least part of the issue with our community being 90-plus-percent liberal. The idea that solutions to social problems can only come from non-profits and the government prevents us from seeing possibilities that can come from a profitable business model. See World of Good ( or any of the businesses listed on the B Corp website (

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