An easy way to settle this

Posted: July 14, 2008 in Just "Why?"

Reported by Ernie Suggs and Bob Keefe for

MALIBU, Calif. — Dexter Scott King said Saturday that he was “shocked” by a recent lawsuit filed by his siblings accusing him of mismanaging money in one family account and taking money for his own personal use out of another.

“It totally blindsided me. I think maybe it was a reckless attempt to express their grievances. They are false claims and I will addressing that accordingly,” King said in a brief interview at his Malibu home a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean in an exclusive community west of Los Angeles.

“We are private family,” King said. “It is a private business matter, you know, a family dispute, if you will. It’s probably blown out of proportion, but until I’ve had a chance to thoroughly review the complaint, it’s just kind of difficult for me to address it.” (more…)

Perhaps both sides should agree to help cover part of the remaining roughly $5.2 million needed for the completion of the monument slated to be built for their daddy.


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