True story?

Posted: July 9, 2008 in Funny stuff

From Laputan Logic~

It’s been said that the cuteness of a story is inversely proportional to the likelihood of it being true. A classic in this genre is the story about the origin of the word kangaroo.

In June 1770, Captain James Cook was charting the eastern coastline of the Australian continent when his ship, the Endeavour, accidentally ran afoul of the Great Barrier Reef. The ship’s hull was torn open but his crew managed to beach the vessel on a bank of a river for repairs. This place was named by Cook Endeavour River and it was here that Cook first observed the kangaroo.

That part of the story is true but here is where the myth cuts in: Cook observed these strange animals and then called out to a local native who was standing nearby, “I say, what animal is that?”, he asked. The native, who, of course, could not understand a word Cook was saying replied “kangooroo” which meant in his language “I don’t know”. (more…)


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