Po’ folks: The other mother’s milk of politics

Posted: July 8, 2008 in ACORN, Politics

I think that I am just going to create a ACORN category because the drama they carry is worth tracking as I have been doing here for some time.

When I read articles like this, I get a better understanding of the real value of po’ folks to the political process.

Down at the Department of Motor Vehicles office on East Sahara Avenue, Ana Ramos was catching the last of the customers as they trickled out after closing time. The day’s high temperature was 109.

Dressed in a lacy black tank top and baggy blue-and-white striped pants, she had a tube of sunscreen sticking out of one back pocket and a little American flag on a plastic pole sticking out of the other.

Vanessa Curiel, 19, was studying the voter form reluctantly. She was trying to figure out which box to check for political party affiliation.

“Republican, that’s McCain,” Ramos explained. “Democrat is Obama.”

“Obama?” Curiel said. “What’s that?”

“The guy that’s running for president,” Ramos said.

“Oh, OK,” Curiel said, checking the Democrat box.

Curiel said voting was not something she thought about much, and she probably would not have registered if she hadn’t been asked.

“I want to vote for president. Maybe this president will make it better. Things are pretty bad right now.” (This is the end of the article. Read the whole thing as they talk about how po’ folks are used to meet certain quotas with pay to sign folks up to vote)

  1. nista206 says:

    So, is it true that they have a quota??? I mean, its nice that they want to get poor ppl involved on both sides; giving jobs & registering them to vote…. but, having a quota taints the entire process.

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