Claiming her stake in the modular construction biz

Posted: July 2, 2008 in success

Tapping Into a Unique Construction Biz
Glenn Townes

Thanks to the generosity of a friend and mentor, Gail Warrior-Lawrence was able to turn her dream of owning a construction company into a reality. She was urged to consider modular construction, which at the time, a family friend Mike Bowers, CEO of Comark Building Systems Inc., described as an untapped market. She took his advice and launched The Warrior Group Inc. in 1997.

Bowers also offered office space, telephones, and computers for the new company with little or no up-front cash, for a monthly fee. “We were able to secure small projects and used their plant for all of our pilot projects,” Warrior-Lawrence says. “The monthly fee was deferred for several months until we began to turn a profit.” It’s eight years later and revenues for the bustling DeSoto, Texas-based construction company topped $40 million in revenues last year.” (more…)

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