States banking off of your ignorance

Posted: June 30, 2008 in Headlines

Those of you who play the lotto, listen up.

Scratcher lottery tickets under fire

By Dennis Cauchon, USA TODAY
Feeling lucky today?
Then don’t buy a $20 scratch-off ticket for the New Jersey Lottery’s “$1,000,000 Explosion” game.

Your chances of winning the $1 million top prize are Z-E-R-O.

The six top prizes were awarded months ago, but the $20 tickets are still on sale. The best prize available today is $10,000.

State lotteries are coming under renewed criticism for selling scratch-off tickets after the top prizes have been given away. The latest challenge comes from a professor who says he intends to sue Virginia for allegedly selling $20 million a year in lottery tickets that had no top prize available.

About half of the 42 states that have lotteries ā€” including Florida, New Jersey, Michigan and Tennessee ā€” keep selling tickets after the top prizes are gone. The states say the practice is fair because lottery tickets and websites disclose the practice. Also, other prizes are available. (more…)



Predominantly black communities have generated the highest lottery sales in the state. (Chicago)

Study shows blacks outspend whites in lottery (Wisconsin)

  1. The mob isn’t this crooked.

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