Holla for West Philly innovation

Posted: June 30, 2008 in Our children, Our Expression, success

“Could a bunch of teenagers in an after-school class really build the first mainstream plug-in hybrid not coming out of Detroit? Don’t put it past Simon Hauger’s mechanical engineering students at West Philadelphia High School—they’ve already won the Tour de Sol with an up-converted electric Saturn and the biodiesel Attack convertible pictured above. “Because they’re kids, they’re not limited by the common laws of physics—I never would have thought of some of their ideas,” says Hauger, a math and physics teacher by day who started the program nine years ago with electric go-kart builds. “The other limitation is that because we’re a small high-school team, we can’t dream so far out of the box.” But lithium-ion hybrid mods on a Toyota Corolla are a pretty good place to start for these surprisingly serious contenders.” (from popularmechanics.com)

H/T: UrbanAngle

Read more about West Philly Hybrid X Team here (homepage)

  1. nista206 says:

    That’s awesome; so nice to see some positive news about our children.

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