BET, your name is Toby–SAY IT!!

Posted: June 30, 2008 in Commentary, Our children, Our Expression

The hate parade continues against BET as discussed in the following article.

BET Loses Sponsorship Over Content

BET suffered another setback this week when several advertisers pulled spots from popular network programs due to images of violence and profanity.

According to Paul Porter of media watchdog group, Industry Ears and CNN, Proctor and Gamble, Pepsi and General Motors pulled their ads from Rap City and 106 & Park after the companies viewed “The Rap on Rap,” a content analysis of BET and MTV programming.
The study found that children were exposed to violence, profanity or obscenity once every 38 seconds.

According to a CNN report, BET Chairman and CEO, Debra Lee dismissed the study, saying the network pays attention to the content it airs and edits videos.

You can read the rest of the article here, but let’s skip down to the last comment made by Porter.

“I listen to the same crazy s*** in my car,” he says before adding, “but I’m not going to play it for a nine-year-old.”

There are a couple of things here worth addressing–

A. Porter proves out of his own mouth that despite his public flogging of BET over how Black women are portrayed, there is an audience out there for this type of entertainment–starting with his admitted choice. While music videos can be a bit graphic and demeaning to some, what about the lyrics? This is from Soulja Boy’ 2007 hit “Booty Meat”.

Yall Dis 1 Rite Hur Is For All Dem Gurlz Wit Dat Bootymeat
Bootymeat [X4]

Girl Shake Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat Shake Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat
Girl Shake Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat
Gurl Shake Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat Shake Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat Gurl Shake
Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat Dat Bootymeat

[Verse 1:]
Gurl Shake Dat Bootymeat All Up On Me Soulja Boy
Up In This Thang Cum An Hang Wit Me Im Ya H Boom Coon Champaign Wit Me
Take A Bubble Bath Cum An Switch Lanes Wit Me Im Da #1 Stunna Let Me See What
You Got Im The Baller Round Town Let Me See How You Pop
Im Ya Gurl Best Friend Let Me See How You Hop
Put That Thang In The Air Then Make It Drop

Do a youtube search under this song and see just how many women have no problem shaking their “booty meat” for the world to see. My point? There is a demand for it.

And in case he didn’t get the memo, young kids LISTEN to the music as well.

B. Porter says “but I’m not going to play it for a nine-year-old.” He actually has a point here, but the point has two sides. Columnist Stanley Crouch brings up an interesting point about how much of BET programing is not affected by V-Chip technology. He writes:

Most importantly, perhaps, is the fact that Winter noted with the exception of one program on BET, neither BET nor MTV carried content descriptions that would work in conjunction with the V-Chip to block the programs from coming into the homes of parents or warn them about the presence of sexual content, suggestive dialogue, violence or foul language. (more…)

Here is a bright idea for both Porter and Crouch. How about blocking the entire channel? Most cable and satellite boxes give subscribers the ability to completely lock certain channels. As a parent, I do this myself in my home. If there is something I feel that is appropriate for my kids, I simply unlock it–that’s it. Plus, I can tell you from personal experience that V-Chip technology isn’t fool proof. I have seen many adult movies get through by simply not rating the show altogether.

Just as “Booty meat” does not represent the entire Black community, neither does Porter and his supporters. One of the greatest things about our nation is that it operates on SUPPLY AND DEMAND. If there is no demand for it, there will be no reason to supply it. Porter’s car stereo is certainly part of the demand chain on this issue. The ONLY responsibility any for-profit business has is to make money, not help raise kids. Adults like porter who feel that kids are being harmed with this form of entertainment should go talk to their parents and convince them to be responsible instead of expecting the industry (an entity solely motivated by supply and demand) to play nanny. Stand on THEIR lawns and demand they simply put a parental lock on BET. Nope! Won’t happen.

Ooops! I forgot to mention one last point. While Porter and the gang are pleased with the news that companies like Proctor & Gamble, Pepsi, etc. have pulled their ads from shows like Rap City, these same sponsors announced their sponsorship for the recent BET Awards–a show that celebrated the very music that is being reamed by critics.

  1. avery says:

    shake dat bootymeat?

    are you serious? i mean, i know you are, but i’m sayin.

  2. Wizz says:

    NEWSFLASH… BREAKING NEWS!… Duane from blog has discovered that there is a huge demand for smut on American television!..

    Unfortunately there is a thing that many conservatives normally have pushed called decency on television. Who defines decency? We do. If you like to see a little ass shaking there will be plenty more places to see it. And I know, I know, BET is much better than in the past. Thanks to people who care enough to let them know that they sucked in the past… And due to the fact that they can no longer out smut MTV, VH1, the internets, etc… They are finally deciding to do try some new things, after how many decades It is not about who is representing who… It’s about smut on television.

  3. Wil says:

    What we see on T.V. is a reflection of our culture, and it’s time to elevate!

  4. Duane says:

    NEWSFLASH… BREAKING NEWS!… Duane from blog has discovered that there is a huge demand for smut on American television!..


    Unfortunately there is a thing that many conservatives normally have pushed called decency on television.

    Ooookay. since we are going to now drag this into politics…

    Meanwhile, liberals and progressives spend a bulk of their time crafting laws that force people to make life choices for the greater good.

    Pick your poison.

  5. Wizz says:


    That was in response to your relevation that their is an audience for ass on T.V.

    Pick your poison

    I choose C), “All the Above”. They both work for this discussion of BET. And I’m sure all the pimps, ho’s, video vixens, and bad parents appreciate your advocating on their behalf. 🙂

    Also you picked a relatively tame song by Soulja Boy. His biggest hit by far, the one for which he is famous for and made tons of money off of is the Superman song. PLEASE google “Superman dat hoe” and read what it really means. It is purely pornographic. And tons of little girls are singing and dancing to this mess. This booty meat song is just a continuation of that.. And his record company is going to continue putting this mess out as long as there is an outlet that will show it. Soulja Boy is a kid singing pornography to other kids…

  6. Duane says:

    That was in response to your relevation that their is an audience for ass on T.V.

    My response is still the same. I’ve been saying the same thing for years. Maybe THAT’s your “revelation” .

  7. Wizz says:

    I’ve been saying the same thing for years..

    My point exactly… You are constantly repeating something that everyone already knows… Sex sells… Duh, really? Ya think so??

  8. Duane says:

    You are constantly repeating something that everyone already knows

    Yet you still are the main one who comments on stuff you already know. Just hush and leave the message for non-choir members. 😉

  9. nista206 says:

    O wow…. such a heated discussion. Bootymeat???? That’s horrible. But, we can’t keep blaming the media or music industry. As long as we keep filling their pockets, their going to give us what we pay for. We pay for trash; so we get trash. Instead of constantly hounding these industries, we need to come together & give our children something else to do besides watching tv & playing video games.

  10. theMike says:

    The FACT is, MUSIC influences people. if it did NOT, there would be NO radio. if the industry didnt think your song could motivate sales, then they know you wont get air time either. The readio want to use the song to MOTIVATE people to listen. if Booty meat makes people listen to the commercials, then it plays.

    Also making people “raise their kids” and turn off the radio is stupid. if ALL you offer to eat is crap, guess what people will tend to eat in general? YES we could stop our kids from listening, but WHY? why should I have to monitor my kids from the radio ANY MORE than any other culture? If the distributors of Black music (whites) choose to promote talentless rap music and sell ONLY that, guess what will sell? TALETLESS RAP! if all there is to eat in a neighborhood is Junk food and Not ONE family restaurant, Guess what people will eat? JUNK FOOD

    NO culture is going to take it upon themselves to NOT accept what is put before them if it is what is offered in MASS.

    For example, if you were in some small southern white area, and you were white, there is a GOOD chance you will like country. You have to have REGULAR ACCESS to some other form to turn against the crowd and like say… Opera. So hip hop has to be on the radio or tv for you to say “i wanna listen to that instead”. THAT is simple psychology of human nature.

    its not an excuse. It is science. NO culture goes against mass influence. If the MASS are doing something, it is likely YOU will do the same.

    For example, Cursing. If your peers curse, and your family curse, YOU WILL LIKELY curse.
    Its not being WEAK. Its being Influenced by the mass like ALL OTHER RACES are. So stop this crap about Black musicians not having ANY responsibility to make Music that is GOOD for us and not BAD for us.

  11. theMike says:

    Also SEX DOES NOT SELL. thats the other lie. Sex sells on short terms. NICE lasts forever. Think of a overtly sexual song and words from say the 90s. How bout feelin on your booty by rkelly. HOW OFTEN DOES THAT PLAY!? WHO is remaking THAT?!

    I believe I can fly on the other hand has been covered by singers, and even orchestral groups for MUZAK!

    Sex sells… FOR NOW. Look at eddie murphy who insulted bill cosby for telling him to stop cursing. he sided with richard pryor…who is now dead. Now ….eddie’s BIGGEST MOVIES are the PG 13 ones!!!!! The Klumps, Nutty proffessor, Coming to america!

    SEX SELLS for NOW! Who watches PORNOGRAPHY from 1970s? but Classic MOVIES from the 70s STILL sell!!!

    So black people making crap rap and sex songs is ALL about racism and the white distributors who tell US what will sell. AND NO I am not gonna NOT LISTEN TO ANY RADIO AT ALL… I want to listen o music, but if all there is , is sex, then I have little option or be a gump… while whites get variety?!?! Not gonna happen.

  12. […] perreo — sexually explicit lyrics with an accompanying dances that are just as lurid — think BET, or Pitbull’s “Gasolina.” Or the ride-it-like-a-Ford commercials. Vico C. is […]

  13. BET have cleaned up there act big time, I can remember being a “git” (young kid for the slang impaired), and staying up late just to watch uncut. Now that I have kids I’m very careful about what they are allowed to watch on t.v period.

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