The religion of 13%

Posted: June 27, 2008 in Commentary

I know that I bust the green movement’s chops here on a regular basis. But its just that I am so tired of seeing the message practically everywhere I look. Meanwhile, most people that I know–while share a general concern for the environment–are more concerned with affordability than the chic-ness of the green movement. While doing some searching this morning for a particular article unrelated to this topic, I came across the following below.

The Green Mirage
By Rick Newman
October 30, 2007

We’re in the midst of a green revolution, right? Actually, no. Despite Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize and the green-branding of products from toothpaste to toilet paper, most consumers are unwilling to pay extra or make sacrifices to be more environmentally friendly. A recent study by the market research firm Yankelovich found that only 13 percent of Americans are passionate about environmental issues—while 29 percent have virtually no interest. For most companies, green products represent only a “niche” opportunity, according to the report. U.S. News spoke recently with Yankelovich President J. Walker Smith about consumer attitudes and behavior:

So consumers still don’t respond strongly to environmental concerns?

Public opinion about the environment is pretty mushy. If you want to get people to act greener, the best thing to do is talk to them about saving money, not about saving the environment. Also talk to them about health concerns. That gets their attention.

How do attitudes vary by region?

Thirteen percent of Americans are passionate about the environment. They’re more upscale and tend to live in the Northeast or West Coast. Most people are indifferent about the environment. That shows up disproportionately among white males in the South. There’s a strong lack of personal connection to the environment. In the U.S., people understand it as an abstract issue. (more…)

~Thinking out loud~

Just recently while watching the Discovery Channel, I saw a series of commercials advertising their latest installment to the Discovery Channel family: Project Green. Typically for a new channel to be added to your lineup, consumers would have to call their local cable/satellite company and ask for it. Based on that demand, a decision is made whether to add the channel or not. A few weeks later, the channel has now been added to our system. The question in my mind here is “Did this channel get added because of consumer demand or something else?” Don’t let me get started about how long I had to wait to get TV One when we lived in Colorado (and yes there are Black folks out there 🙂 )

Some weeks ago, the local shopping center which is known for hosting farmers markets and concerts recently held an Earth Day event. They even posted a huge sign on the freeway to inform passing drivers. Based on the account of a blogger in my area, turnout was not only poor, but piss poor. He noted that numbers of vendors who were there to educate the public on ‘going green’ left hours before the official end of the event.

As I have said many times before, I am all for going green. But just like the folks in the study mentioned above, don’t expect people like me to catch religion if it does not economically make sense.

If anything, this study is a testament of the power of mainstream media. Here you have the passion of roughly 13% of the population having the ability to influence national discourse.

I would like to see a similar study about going green done with Black folks.

  1. nista206 says:

    I had a discussion w/ a friend about this the other day. & I’m convinced that the gov has messed up our food supply & other products so much, that this whole “go green” crap is their effort to correct their wrongs. We’re now being told to use “organic” milk, meat, & fruit, but actually, the “organic” products are the way our food products were supposed to be. But, they’ve been cutting corners by using pesticides & steriods for so long, & have finally realized that they are ruining the health of this country. Cancer isn’t so common b/c of our diet, but b/c of all the undisclosed products that are in our diet. So, as usual, the gov is full of sh*t.

  2. The average non-moonbat on a budget won’t pay 2X for this “green” stuff. Tell’em how they can save money and they’re all ears.

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