Looking like more voter fraud (This time in Alabama)

Posted: June 25, 2008 in Headlines

The number of absentee ballots cast in some of Alabama’s Black Belt counties in the June primary is high – unbelievably high



But it is astounding (and beyond belief) that 25 percent of a county’s voters are out of the county, sick, have work schedules that conflict with poll hours, or don’t have transportation to the polls – among the most common reasons for voting absentee.

Secretary of State Beth Chapman said allegations of voting fraud have been “pouring” into her office since the primary. Among them: that an absentee ballot had been cast for someone who hasn’t lived in Alabama for 15 years, and that someone paid for votes with cash and rewarded voters with driveway gravel, she said.

Anyone who has followed Black Belt politics even casually knows that large numbers of absentee ballots are nothing new, nor are allegations of (and sometimes convictions for) voter fraud.



My question: Which candidate (or party) benefited the most from these absentee ballots?


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