Who saw it? (6/24/08)

Posted: June 24, 2008 in Our children

HARD TIMES AT DOUGLASS HIGH A No Child Left Behind Report Card (HBO Special)

Now here I told many of y’all about it and I forgot to set my DVR to record it. Anyway, it comes on again tomorrow.

In the meantime, if you saw it, what are your thoughts?

P.S. I will be out of pocket for most of the day, so there will be very limited input from yours truly.

  1. blkolivegrrl says:

    I watched last night. It’s a very sad commentary on our children. The show concentrated on the children mostly in the 9th grade, and some of the teachers. There was very minimal interaction with parents.

    At 13 or 14 years of age, you know enough to be responsible in school and in your conduct. Those kids simply did not care about their education. It just sad. The English teacher burned out in one semester, because he spent all of his time with discipline and disciplinary actions.

    I’m just speechless. There were 17 year olds in the 9th grade. Many could not read. Unfortunately, I believe their road to destruction happened as far back as 3th or 4th grade.

    I was just amazed at the attitude of the kids, although I’m sure that the bravado that they presented was just a cover for their not being able to read. I don’t know what their futures will be like. They can’t read, and I think these days children should be able to speak more than language.

    It’s a sad, sad commentary on our kids.

  2. Wizz says:

    I concur… It was sickening. It was like watching a train wreck. These kids did not care about school AT ALL. I felt very sorry for the teachers. And they tried some of everybody in that one English class.. They had the white experienced teacher, the older black substitute, the young hip counselor substitute… No one could reach those kids. You had kids just wandering the halls all day… A boy beating up a group of girls… All kinds of mess like that. But what got me the most was the basketball coach… Check out his attitude toward the kids and basketball vs his attitude about the kids and school… It is really sickening…

    It was a very good movie though… I watched it twice already.

  3. DarkStar says:

    Here’s what I said

    I don’t have much time but that documentary laid it out very clearly. Parents/guardians/students are a major component in the failures of Douglass High School.

    The entire household saw the show. Mrs. D.S. and I are STILL talking about it. It confirms EVERY. DAMN. THING. I have said about the Baltimore city school system, plus some. Passing kids along to pass them along! What the hell are the degrees worth? Nothing! I’ve also mentioned the parents/grandparents/guardians not doing what is required for their children.

    And then to say NCLB is to blame? There is no way a school can meet the NCLB requirements under those circumstances. None. But even saying that, the movie did a SEVERE injustice in not going into the details of the attempted take over of the school by the state and how the state assembly blocked the plan simply because the assembly is dominated by Democrats and the take over was attempted during a Republican governor’s administration.

    Like I said before, to hell with the students! Democrats can’t look bad!

    Or was NCLB really just a hook to really show “inner city school” dysfunction and non-participation by students and parents/grandparents/guardians without having cries of “racism!” being made?


  4. Tina says:

    I was fortunate to sit down with the whole family and view the documentary. I must agree that it is grotesque. I feel awful for our future because there are so many children in this country that are faced with the same dilema. It is upsetting to know that these children will not be challenged when it comes time for graudation. The school system has been bullied into giving these kids diplomas in order to keep thier jobs. It is very disappointing that the class of 200 graduates was the highest graduating class in years. I think that what hurts the most is no one cares. It shouldn’t be no child left behind – it should be “No one cares about the kids of color.”

    I am 28 years old I graduated high school about 10 years ago. From my experience there are some teachers that care but for the most part many were there to collect their pennines called paychecks and were on their way.

    I am military dependant so basically I have been a fortunate enough to attend the elite as well as the inner city slums. From my perspective the level of education depends on your socioeconomic status (SES). I took notice that my grades were extremely higher in the inner city school district. However, when I moved to the elite school I was barely passing. I eventually got my act together with the help of tutors and extra materials that were given to me. Whereas the inner city school did not have enough books to go around the classroom. I receieved a grade on the basis of my attendance.
    I think what scares me the most is that I am now a parent

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