Another reason why PC sucks

Posted: June 23, 2008 in Just "Why?", World

I’ll slap the person I hear saying what’s described in this article.

How’s that for your sensitivity?

Council bans ‘brainstorming’

A council has banned the term “brainstorming” – and replaced it with “thought showers”.

Officials Tunbridge Wells Borough Council in Kent feared the phrase might offend epileptics or the mentally ill.

Staff have been sent memos about the change and even sent on training courses, reports The Sun.

But Margaret Thomas, of the National Society for Epilepsy, said: “Brainstorming is a clear and descriptive phrase.

“Alternatives such as “thought shower” or “blue-sky thinking” are ambiguous to say the least.

“Any implication that the word “brainstorming” is offensive to epileptics takes political correctness too far.” (more…)

Believe it or not, there is a correlation between this post and the one I did earlier (“You can take the person out of the ghetto…”). In the earlier post, government, social activists will continue to force their brand of ‘help’ on folks who clearly do not want it–all while calling it ‘progress’. Here, even the National Society for Epilepsy thinks this is gone too far. Yet we know what’s best for them.

  1. Nista206 says:

    LMAO… I’m sorry, I’m gonna have to use that, for no other reason than it’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard!

    The title of my new book came to me yesterday, after I’d spent 4 hours “blue-sky thinking.” LMAO!!

  2. DarkStar says:

    Wow. I heard about this and thought it was a joke.

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