“Obama will help improve America’s image around the world”

Posted: June 21, 2008 in Just "Why?", World

Could someone send that memo to the folks in Japan? Because they clearly did not get that one.

h/t: Black Tokyo

‘Zurui’ over at Black Tokyo (link above) has been following this story.

Now, according to his investigation, this monkey is part of a advertisement campaign for Japanese-based company EMobile. So he has appeared in other commercials.

While I do believe that some things can just be an unfortunate coincidence, this I believe is not one of them. The Japanese are known for a lot of things. Stupidity is not one of them. Someone had to know this was playing it a bit too close. But again, this was broadcasted in Japan, not PC America.

If anything, I think this serves as a rude awakening to those who wish to present the rest of the world as being more tolerant and sensitive on race issues than America.

  1. we cannot deceive ourselves into thinking others who know only what is exported from america about blacks won’t be influenced by our troubled history.

  2. zurui says:

    I have posted more background on the feigned ignorance of race relations in Japan.

    The good news regarding this story is thanks to blogs like Black Informant, the foreign press has picked up on it:

    United Kingdom: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/newstopics/uselection2008/barackobama/2179484/Barack-Obama-'monkey'-phone-advert-row.html





    I will keep you updated via Black Toko.

    Thank you very much for the posting my story!

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