“Our little angel”

Posted: June 18, 2008 in Sistahs, The Brothas

These are the words of DeMarcus Ware, All-Pro linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys referring to his brand new baby girl, Marley.

(Willing to bet here that you will not hear the ‘growing up confused’ argument coming from those who dislike cross-racial adoptions. Screw ’em!)

Cowboys’ Ware Fulfills a Challenge for Fatherhood



SOUTHLAKE, Tex. — DeMarcus Ware cradled his 3-month-old daughter, smoothing her plentiful black hair, tickling her tummy, kissing her cheeks.

On his living room couch this month, Ware looked nothing like a menacing All-Pro linebacker for the Dallas Cowboys. He made baby noises. He shook rattles. He noticed Marley jabbing fingers in her mouth, an indication she was tired.

Nothing quite compares to watching parents hold their infant. But Ware and his wife, Taniqua, believe they appreciate their daughter, Marley, more because they adopted her after three failed pregnancies. (more…)

  1. Give it a rest! says:

    OK, I will be the first (and maybe the only one) to say it:

    With all of the black children in this country looking for homes this couple decides they need to raise a white child!

    Equality and all of that stuff is really nice and all but at some point we DO need to CONCENTRATE on our own IF we actually claim to care.

    Knock all of those other ethnic groups all you want but many of them do seem to understand that who and what you are do matter and the only people that are going to truly care about you are your own. Think Jewish for a minute here, and than witness how successful their communities are, now compare with the “anything goes” approach to life in the majority of our communities.

    Now I do expect a nice little liberal response here from some other black person that is going to tell me that we are all one and the same and race does not (or they wish) should not matter.

    A life is a life and a baby is a baby. Needless to cay if one of my white friends asked me to care for their child I would do so with open arms, but if my wife and I were childless and could AFFORD (big deal here) to adopt I WOULD feel guilty if I did not adpot an BLACK-American child. A HEALTHY black child in need of adpotion is about 10x more at risk than even a white child with health problems. Those black children are just like me, my children, my friends, and family and the truth of the matter is NO ONE wants them, yes not even other blacks.

    So Duane, I ask are you proud of this couple? In all honesty I do not know if they plan on adpoting other children, so they could easily adopt a another black child also. But my point remains that there is a black little girl or boy that is still stuck in limbo while this obviously well to do black couple is going to bless a little white girl with all they have.

    Remember Duane, white children are so in demand that white people BUY them! At the same time the system cant seem to give away the black kids.

    I guess it makes some blacks feel special and more powerful to be able to cross-racially adopt a white child. I know it was forbidden and taboo not so long ago but so what!

    Think I evil, then go have a visit at the foster care offices at NYC ACS and witness for yourself all of the black children that are aging out of foster care with NO WHERE TO GO!

    Now tell me that blacks should be looking for other types of children to raise!

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