Through these eyes

Posted: June 15, 2008 in The Brothas

Through these eyes I saw a man get up every morning around 5am to go to work as manager in a steel factory in Pennsylvania to support his family. My Dad was like many Black men in his generation: Worked hard, complained little.

Through these eyes I saw a man who loved and cared for his wife in such a way it provoked other married men around him to do the same in their own homes. From the newly married to the experienced, my Dad oftentimes proved to be a good listening ear to many men who just needed to be heard by another brutha who had been down that road.

Through these eyes I saw later in his life how despite the deteriorating condition of his health, I saw a man that still used the remaining strength in his body to minister to men in prison, host Saturday morning breakfasts for men he knew from both church and work and attend church regularly with his wife—at times, all with a oxygen tank in tow.

Through these eyes I saw a man who always sign his cards to his high school sweetheart (his wife): Love Never Fails.

Through these eyes I witnessed the birth of the two best children in the entire universe. Watching them grow right before my eyes has been one of the greatest joys in my life.

Through these eyes I saw those same children flash their smiles to both me and my wife this week as they received their Certificates of Completion announcing their promotion to the next grade.

Through these eyes I saw two other bruthas like me yesterday teaching their kids along with mine how to swim because they wanted to. I also saw one of those men bust his head on the bottom of the pool trying to show the kids the “right” way to dive.

Later that evening as the kids played upstairs, myself along with these other two bruthas sat by the pool listening to ol’ skool music from Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes to Blue Magic. We laughed, told stories but most of all was grateful to God for all we had witnessed as fathers in our lives—through these eyes.

  1. Peg says:

    Duane – Happy Father’s Day to you and all the other dads in your family!

    I, too, am blessed to have had a father who set a fine example in how to be a good human being.

    And I am doubly blessed that I still have him!

  2. VB says:

    Very nice!

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