But there is one little thing he misses here

Posted: June 11, 2008 in Commentary, Economy, Politics

Commentator Roland Martin makes an interesting proposal in his latest commentary , “We should vote on the first Saturday in November”. He writes the following:

But why not the first Saturday in November? If that date were chosen, the majority of voters wouldn’t have to worry about trying to vote before going to work, hoping and praying the lines aren’t too long so they can zip in and zip out. The same thing happens in the evening. Folks have to hurry up and finish their work, interrupt meetings, and shut down whatever else they are doing and head to the polls.

They are likely to confront long lines, and that discourages some folks from voting. (Now, I don’t have much sympathy on this one. We’ll stand in line for a concert or movie; and that surely isn’t as important as electing a president!)

Saturday is already a day of leisure, and there is no doubt that more Americans would head to the polls on a traditional day off from work. (more…)

Looking at who actually makes up our minimum wage earners in our country, you will quickly discover that a huge percentage of them are women and minorities. If you ever worked a minimum wage job, you know full well that weekends are often included in your work schedule. Meanwhile, most non-hourly wage earners tend to work a Monday through Friday work week. So in short, what he is proposing here is a voting scenario where class will play a much greater role. How’s that for democracy?

  1. symphony says:

    My point exactly and he comes off as not thinking about that particular class of people. Saturdays is no better than Tuesday, Friday or Monday.

    It has to be a priority for someone. And for many people, its not the lack of time, its the lack of civic responsibility (and appreciation for one’s rights).

  2. Wizz says:

    Huh?? These people work on Tuesdays too. And not all minimum wage eraners work on Saturdays.. I doubt you could even say most work on Saturday. Voting on Saturday is a class issue?? Then how is voting on Tuesday NOT a class issue? The same issues you list exist on Tuesday. Will more people have the opportunity to vote on Saturday or not?

  3. symphony says:

    The problem with voting is not the day of the election.

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