Why I am picky when it comes to Mexican restaurants

Posted: June 6, 2008 in Headlines, Our children, Our Health

Since I crossed the ever-shifting line of political correctiveness with the title of this post, allow me to start this post with an excerpt from this article:

Tainted cheese fuels TB rise in California Unpasteurized dairy products linked to reemergence of ancient disease By JoNel Aleccia Health writer MSNBC A rare form of tuberculosis caused by illegal, unpasteurized dairy products, including the popular queso fresco cheese, is rising among Hispanic immigrants in Southern California and raising fears about a resurgence of a strain all but eradicated in the U.S. Cases of the Mycobacterium bovis strain of TB have increased in San Diego county, particularly among children who drink or eat dairy foods made from the milk of infected cattle, a study in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases shows. But the germ can infect anyone who eats contaminated fresh cheeses sold by street vendors, smuggled across the Mexican border or produced by families who try to make a living selling so-called “bathtub cheese” made in home tubs and backyard troughs. Scientists at the University of California San Diego School of Medicine are warning that improved screening, treatment and public education are necessary to prevent the spread of the disease that now accounts for about 10 percent of all new cases of TB in that border region — and, perhaps, others.

Okay that last paragraph just took my anger up another level. Let me provide just one more excerpt.

However, the M. bovis bug is resistant to front-line drug therapy and adults who contract it are more than twice as likely as those with traditional TB to die before treatment is complete. (more…)

For starters, notice how the author of this article uses the word “Hispanic IMMIGRANTS” to describe the population where this strain of TB is apparently growing. The one word she leaves out of course is ILLEGAL (Read: “Most immigrants lived in California illegally, study says” 6/4/08).

When it comes to Mexican restaurants, California has one practically on every corner. Between those restaurants, you will find street vendors in lunch trucks and carts selling anything from frozen deserts to cooked food. Want produce? In just about any section of town (upper to lower class) you will find some Hispanic individual with a handful of fruit selling them at just about any street corner. Here in California, the food industry, building construction, lawn care and cleaning are areas of employment that draw illegals who have just arrived here in America.

As the article mentioned, TB is something that has been contained here in the US for many years. What is happening here is that many of these illegals are coming from countries who not only have not contained this dreaded disease, but the people themselves oftentimes are oblivious to the connection between disease and hygiene Yet in our never-ending quest in this nation to create a world where nobody is ever offended, we rationalize news like the article above by providing on the job training in the area of personal hygiene–a fact we are constantly reminded of every time we go into the restroom of our local restaurant with signs in Spanish reminding employees to wash their hands.

Just recently there was a movement in LA to place more restrictions on lunch trucks. According to this article, there are roughly 14,000 lunch trucks (locally referred to as taco trucks) in LA county alone that are properly registered. But there are roughly 28,000 more that operate illegally in the same county. Even legal immigrants are fed up with the trucks because they oftentimes park right in front of their establishment–effectively stealing their business. After living out here for some time now, I am convinced that you will find a similar proportion of legal/illegal stationary restaurants.

In this state, local governments would much rather propose another crap bill to better “regulate” this industry than to address the real problem of ILLEGAL immigration.


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