Media making race an issue

Posted: June 6, 2008 in Just "Why?"

CBS’s Smith: ‘Is America Really Ready to Elect a Black Man President?’

Is the US ready for a black president?

Pondering The Words “Black President”

Black presidents nothing new to Hollywood

Readers: US is ready for black president

Hail the great black hope: now for the white votes

First black US president?

Precedent for black president in US film and TV


I think we already know the color of Obama’s skin, yet the media is bent on reminding us.

  1. Wizz says:

    This is obviously to be expected… It’s the first time. Every media outlet has to do at least 2-3 articles on the historic nature of it, and black history, and blah, blah, blah. That’s just the way the media works. Hell even you have had at least 2 racial posts about the campaign this week alone. 3 if you include this one. You have a huge headline “HISTORY is MADE!!!”. If not race then what are you referring to? And the whole he has to reach out to poor, uneducated WHITE folks. And I’m sure we will have countless articles about Wright/Pfleger/Trinity popping up. So how about you take your own advice and lead by example.

  2. Duane says:

    Most of the articles highlighted above deal more with the possible fears/concerns Americans may have over the fact that he his Black vs. just sticking to the historic nature of his win which all of us should be proud.

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